The ultimate guide to staying productive while commuting

The ultimate guide to staying productive while commuting

If you live in a big city or choose a green lifestyle, public transports are unavoidable. Spending 30 minutes to three hours commuting is part of your day, and it can sometimes be frustrating. There is only so many people-watching you can do, and most of the time it ends with you anxiously listing and planning all your tasks. How about using this time in a more productive manner?

Schedule your day/week/month: It’s easy to let anxious thoughts invade your mental state. Whether it’s pressure from your boss or arguments with your partner, your list of worries could be endless. To handle your emotions, use this traveling time to fill up your calendar. Writing down your thoughts will bring your issues into reality. Once they’re out, you can think of a solution for each one of them. This process will give you a sense of control, as you will be allocating enough time and energy in your schedule to handle things. Plus, mapping out your day(s) will also uncover free moments to take time for yourself and spend time with your loved ones. Remember, it’s all about balance.

Listen to podcasts/audiobook: One of the downsides of our busy lives is the lack of time to stay informed about the news or simply read a book. I could personally spend hours getting lost reading. It also gives me perspective on life (and my problems) and sometimes even inspires creative ideas. I recommend the Girlboss (for motivational discussions) or BBC World News podcasts to learn about what’s happening on the other side of the world. Find the content that suits your interests and learn something new every day.  

Improve your memory capacity: During my daily commute, I watch so many of my fellow subway companions playing mobile games. Personally, I never was a fan of repetitive games like Candy Crush. However, I came across memory games that enhance brain skills. The variety is huge and encompasses everything from crosswords on the Luminosity App to blackjack on PokerStars Casino, for example. I love playing jigsaw puzzles after a long day at work.

Enjoy a meal/snack: If you are having a very busy day, your lunchtime is most likely nonexistent, or you will eat while doing something else. Basically, the notion of “enjoying your meal” doesn’t fit your schedule, and I bet you won’t even remember whether your sandwich tasted like avocado or tuna. On those days, I use my travel time just to focus on enjoying my meal/snack. Enjoy and stay full of energy for your next meeting!

Take care of your social life: During busy times, I tend to shut myself off from people and only focus on my to-do list. People are not always aware of what’s happening and still want to talk and go out. If you want to avoid adding “answering to my friends” to your list, use this travel time to thoughtfully answer your messages. Plus, communicating with people changes your perspective on life, so you might even want to exchange encouraging messages with your friends or read a cute text from your bae.

Note that you can also use your time commuting to complete an assignment on your list, but don’t miss this opportunity to take a break and breathe.


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