3 common myths about SMS marketing that you should know

3 common myths about SMS marketing that you should know

Several organizations are using SMS marketing campaigns for the development and growth of your business. SMS helps them to connect and reach to more people. In fact, SMS marketing is much better than the other forms of marketing, and this is why successful businesses resort to it regularly.

What are the common myths related to SMS marketing?

However, certain myths relate to SMS marketing, and this post takes a look at them so that you can remove doubts to get a clear understanding of what SMS marketing really is and how it can positively help your business-

Most business owners are scared to take the plunge for SMS marketing primarily because of the three myths described below-

  1. SMS marketing is equivalent to spam

There is a misconception that SMS marketing is equal to spam and this is the prime reason why most businesses refuse to take the plunge. The truth is SMS marketing is an effective method of mobile advertising that works equally well for both small and large businesses. Contrary to popular belief, SMS marketing is based on permission of the customer. This means that all your customers have agreed to receive mobile text messages from you. This indicates that your texts are welcomed, and they will be read. The engagement rates for SMS marketing is around eight times higher over email marketing. There have been researches in the above niche, and it has been revealed that SMS texts receive an open rate percentage of 98% and a response rate of 45% that is very good for your business. When it comes to spam texts, they are the uninvited overfriendly texts that people dread to receive. They do not want these texts to read them let alone. These texts are generally illegal and often sent to the trash.

In the above context, it is vital for you to know the difference between SMS marketing and spam marketing. The CAN-Spam Act along with The Telephone Consumer Protection Act has laid down that companies are prohibited from sending texts that are unsolicited to cell phones. SMS can only be sent to the consumer when permission is granted.

2. SMS marketing is a mobile advertisement

SMS marketing is viewed as a major game changer on the Internet today for small and large businesses. However, many industry analysts are not sure of how it works for the growth and the development of your business. Now, most consumers do not like to see digital advertisements on their cell phones. Most of the considered such ads as intrusive and targeted weakly to the audience. This, in turn, disrupts the whole mobile experience. There are, however, some organizations with a limited budget that are reluctant to use any form of mobile marketing as it may work or miss. This is why most organizations under the small business niche have not yet tried out SMS marketing campaigns for their small businesses. Experts in the field of mobile advertising state the above attitude is indeed a huge mistake. If you check the consumer market today, you will find that over 88% of consumers have a smartphone. This means no matter how small or large your company is your consumers will always have a cellphone that is within their reach. You can read more about the success of SMS marketing campaigns on organization sites that have used it for the development and growth of their business.

Consumers like text messages because they save time and are easier for them to recall. If you are not a large business, resorting to traditional advertising is a huge risk. As a small business you have a limited budget, and with the help of SMS marketing, you can generate better returns on investment on the amount you are willing to spend on mobile advertisement. Consumers are generally comfortable when it comes to connecting with you via SMS. They believe that they get the VIP access to exclusive offers and information. This brings a lot of meaningful reputation and value to your business.

Better customer engagement 

If you have the primary goal of increasing customer engagement when it comes to connecting with your customers, resorting to text messages is a win-win for you. The only thing you need to do is send SMS about offers, updates, and news to your customers. In this way, you can fulfill your promise of giving them consistent value.

  3. SMS marketing is a one-way broadcast

There is a common misconception that SMS marketing is a one-way broadcast. Take this case, imagine you get an SMS text from a restaurant about a new menu and you have some further questions about it. You try to reply however your text message fails to go through. This is highly frustrating though, in the beginning, you may dismiss it to be a tech issue. In case, you try multiple times and still cannot get through to the restaurant; you will lose interest in the offer and perhaps ignore future messages as well.

However, the impact of SMS marketing messages is unparallel. The text messages are short and powerful. They easily create an impact and allow your consumers to respond positively. The message created is personalized, and this is why SMS marketing is so successful today. Some SMS marketing campaign features help the consumer to interact with the company. This means you can always have a two- way conversation with the company and get all your concerns and doubts about the product or the service cleared.

Therefore, if you are not using SMS marketing for your business today, you are surely missing out on a lot of returns on investment. SMS marketing also helps you to create a strong bond with your consumers and establish a personal touch. You can send alerts, notifications, and reminders about your business so that you effectively can build trust and invoke confidence in the market. Create a customized SMS marketing strategy as this will help you excel and gain a competitive edge in the market.


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