Tips for Keeping Your Home Looking New

Tips for Keeping Your Home Looking New

Over time, the gradual effect of wear and tear, accumulating slowly as you use your home space day to day, will inevitably bring your house from its state of newness to the appearance of a ‘lived-in’ abode, complete with all the rough-around-the-edges signs of use. While this can create a homely atmosphere, those looking to keep their homes in tip-top condition – whether that’s simply to maintain clean and smart appearances, or for those looking to see their home – may learn some useful tips from this article for the upkeep of newness in home interiors.


For most people, cleaning has a two-fold function: to remove any harmful germs and bacteria and to make a place look clean and tidy. With this in mind, the most-cleaned areas are always bathrooms and kitchens, with less time spent considering the lived-in areas such as living rooms and bedrooms. Bear in mind that gradual layers of dust, dirt, and grime can accumulate over surfaces in your house that you overlook, the principal overlooked surface being carpets. Visit for quick and professional carpet cleaners that’ll have your floors dazzling as they were when the carpet was first laid.

Minor Repairs

Especially relevant for those with children, a house over the years will pick up its fair share of scuffs, stains, and damages that draw away from the aesthetic of a new home. It’s best to have a few simple DIY techniques up your sleeve for these minor scruffy touches that your house will inevitably pick up so that you’re well-placed to return your home to its pristine state. Always keep a pot of all paint colors in your home, and the plastering tools that cover up stains, marks and holes. Target everything from creaky floorboards to peeling wallpaper in your quest for complete and utter newness.

Updating Furniture

There’s little point in following the first couple of tips if you’re still boasting some shabby and outdated furniture in your home that drags the stylistic appearance of your home back a decade or two. Furniture – especially the largest items such as sofas, tables, and beds – are the principal objects that you decorate your home with, and should be as new-looking as possible if your home is to achieve the same aesthetic. Chuck out anything that’s over the hill, and consider sanding, stain-removing or otherwise repairing anything you see as redeemable.


Clutter is simply the build-up of life that occurs in a home and is certainly nothing to be ashamed about – with so much moving through your house in the form of post, food, drinks, clothes, and repair equipment, it’s not surprising that magazines might accumulate on a reading desk, or wrappers might conspire to disappear behind sofas. Spend a good part of your cleaning regime targeting clutter and displacing it to certain cupboards and draws – or the bin – so your home feels fresh and breezy, not claustrophobic and cluttered.

Keep the original sheen on your home by following these tips towards like-new home maintenance.


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