How to Start Selling Your Art Online

How to Start Selling Your Art Online

Etsy. Redbubble. Artsy. In today’s world it seems as if there are endless opportunities for an artist to get their name and work out on the web. More importantly, however, artists have the chance to sell their work online. This can give any artist the possibility of making a profit, growing a business and creating a fan base for their passion. Taking this, and the growing popularity of online shopping, into consideration, you might consider selling art online as a next step in your career. But in order to do this, it’s important to understand how and where to begin.

Digital Growth Partner

One thing to really consider is whether or not a digital growth partner may or may not be an asset to your business. Growth partners are often described as companies that help individuals increase their visibility on the web.

Partners such as SEO Expert Geneva offer a variety of services to small businesses. Their expert teams provide great analyses of plausible marketing strategies. These strategies can look at your social media presence, optimize search engine results, offer pay-per-click options, and provide copywriting for your company.

By increasing the amount of traffic and presence your business has, the more popular it can become, thus strengthening the chances of your business flourishing. From reputation management to advertisements, growth partners are a well-priced and viable option that can help you establish and grow your work on the web.

Take Advantage of Online Tools

After determining if you would like a growth partner or not, you’ll need to conduct further research and decide on what kind of online tools you want to use to sell your art. From websites to online art galleries or stock sites and social media, the possibilities are endless.

It is important to know that the work place you decide to use is dependent on factors such as the type of art you create, the audience you are trying to reach, and the selling tools/methods you may want to use. For example, original prints or limited editions work best with personal websites and some online marketplaces. Custom and commissioned work often gravitate toward large seller marketplaces and social media sites. Art images and printmakers find that print-on-demand (POD) websites are the most beneficial toward their profit and growth, and digital art work also seems to work well with POD websites.

Showcasing Your Art Online

After deciding what tools may be best for your personal work and preferences, more research should be done. For example, if you find that a website will be best for your business, then you must decide how you want to make a website: Do you want to pay for it? Do you want to use already established designs? Websites such as or Weebly have pre-established templates for free and can be a great asset to building an online art presence.

If you decide to sell on marketplaces or with websites, then you must contact the company, make an account, and start advertising/posting to gain a fan base. While this may seem easy, there are a lot of other decisions and details that go into this process. From setting up an ecommerce plan (also known as: how are people going to pay), to figuring out domain names and layouts/templates, you have to determine how to best showcase your art.

As your work is the primary selling point of the company, the work should be front and centered on any online platform. It should be highlighted well. But this doesn’t mean that you can neglect other aspects of the online platform. Ensuring that your online presence is unique, consistent, and constant is vitally important for the success of a business on the web. You must be dedicated to keeping up-to-date with you online presence and continually produce work that can be presented, so buyers have the opportunity to view a variety of options for purchase.

In Conclusion

Although it may seem like a lot, it has never been easier to sell art online. From websites to Growth Partners to POD markets, there are so many options that can help you build a business, make a profit, and become a popular artist on the web.


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