7 Tips To Help You Have A Smooth Transition When Moving To A New Home

7 Tips To Help You Have A Smooth Transition When Moving To A New Home

The move to a new home, somewhere you can call yours, your solitude haven is one of the things that keeps you excited about starting a new chapter in your life. The move will come with its challenges that you have to meet head one; the logistics alone can prove stressful more so if you are not moving along; there are pets and other family members or colleagues to consider. Even then, it is possible to enjoy a smooth move to the new place.

1.     Make A List And Review It Twice

Making a list is an integral part of the preparation process. It is recommended that you jot down what you need and other aspects associated with the move, two months before the set date. Starting this early ensures that you have all the time you need to decide on what to take with you, thereby ensuring you do not exert too much effort into the process. Remember to review it a month to the moving day.

2.     Set Aside Items You Do Not Need

Go through all your items to ensure that you do not carry things to do not need or use. For instance, you can separate your clothes and shoes to pack and give away what you no longer wear. You can request your relatives or friends to help you sort your stuff and for them to carry anything of interest that you do not need. You can also set up a yard-sale or garage sale to help you get some extra cash from the stuff. (viagra)

3.     Sort The Paperwork, Jewelry, & Family Heirlooms

Make sure all the documents pertaining your current residence and the move are in order. Keep all the relevant paperwork in a separate file and place them in a labeled box. Do the same with your jewelry and other valuables that you will carry with you to the new place.

4.     Pack A Box For The Kids

Have several boxes in which to pack your kids’ things. It would be hard to figure out where to start when your toddler asks for her favorite doll and you have no clue where it is. Put the children’s special things in one place to avoid rummaging through boxes looking for them later when settling in your new home. Also, ensure that your mark and label these boxes for easy identification. You can as well pack them in colored containers to aid with identification. Remember to have all special boxes loaded onto the moving van last so that they can be the first to offload.

5.     Get Rid Of Trash

Your preparation process will start from the day you start listing down items, and all that pertains to the move, part of this process will include sorting and throwing out the trash. As you go through your things, you will come across things that are of no use, things you consider garbage and need to throw out, and this may be every other day as you prepare for the move. Just have the proper disposal processes in place for the trash.

6.     Make Necessary Arrangements

As you make the necessary arrangements for a smooth move, professional moving companies also consider the following things:

  • Check the status of the water connection in the new home as you plan to have the one for your current residence disconnect on the moving day.
  • Know the connection and disconnection schedule of electricity in the new area you are headed.
  • Check for internet access services.
  • Gather all the necessary information pertaining to schools, hospitals, shopping and other social amenities in the new town.
  • Check the new postal address to ensure you have the correct details.
  • Request the nanny, if you have one for your toddlers, to help you cater to them during the moving day.
  • If you have pets, make the necessary arrangements to ensure the will not be stress by the transition. You can opt to leave the pet with a relative or friend and then pick them later once you have settled into the new home.
  • Arrange for parking for the moving track to minimize hassles for the movers once they arrive at your new place.

7.     Do Not Procrastinate

In as much as the move-out date may seem to be far, and you have all the time in the world, it is wise to avoid procrastinating and start parking. Do it one a day, a box at a time as you count down the days.


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