The Top 3 Short Haired Cat Breeds to Own

The Top 3 Short Haired Cat Breeds to Own

Pets add happiness to any household. And when selecting one, it is important that you take careful consideration which best pet for your home. If you are a feline lover, choosing the right cat for you will definitely give you an enjoyable experience. Cats are wonderful companions and can easily be housetrained. Moreover, they make great indoor pet and highly adaptable.

Cats also vary in shapes, sizes, personalities, color, and looks. They also vary in hair coats. Some prefer cats with long hairs while others prefer short-haired breeds in their homes. This is mainly because the majority of pet owners may not like the idea of a pet leaving too much hair behind. Keeping the house clean will definitely require the purchase of high-quality deshedding tools. With short-haired cat breeds, you get to enjoy the company of these tiny critters without having to worry about lots of hair shedding.

Here are the top three short haired cat breeds to own.

  1. American Shorthair

American Shorthairs are one of the most common short-haired cats that most family gets as their pet. This breed is known for their rounded ears, wide-set eyes, and chubby muzzles. They are also affectionate in nature and easygoing which is a great trait that a lot of families look into especially if there are kids in the household. They can also easily adapt to any surroundings. Moreover, they can be left alone for several hours at a time. Considered as one of the friendliest cat breed, they are the best choice to have if you want a cat that has the right traits and behavior. American Shorthairs are usually medium-sized with hair coats that are short and dense. They come in different patterns and colors. The most popular of them all are the brown tabby.

  1. Chartreux

If you want a short-haired cat that comes with a grey color, a Chartreux would be the best option. Chartreux’s are widely known as the unofficial national cat of France as its origin traces back to France many centuries ago. They have a muscular build with orange eyes. Although they are calm and have a reserved nature, they are also fairly active cats and are known to be curious with their surroundings. If you are an outdoorsy type of person, this cat would be the best companion for you as they bond best with outdoor activities.

  1. Tonkinese

A cross between Burmese and Siamese breeds is the Tonkinese. This short-haired cat breed comes in a variety of point colors, but looks more like the old-style Siamese breed. They have short and silky coats that are easy to take care of. Tonkinese are known to be a laid-back kind of cat that loves to play and get along with pretty much everyone – children, dogs, and even other pets. They are cuddly and can be demanding of attention most of the time. This is why you must take it to consideration that this breed does not like to be left alone for long periods of time. It would be best to accompany them with another cat or pet at all times/


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