Fun and Effective Family Exercise Ideas for Every Day

Fun and Effective Family Exercise Ideas for Every Day

Researchers from the University of Aberdeen proved that exercising with a partner, especially one who is emotionally supportive, is much more efficient. When in such company, people naturally increase the amount of exercise they do. They might not even notice this consciously, but the improved results of their training are sure to become obvious fast. This means that exercising with your family benefits all of you and boosts the efficiency of your workouts. You can increase it further by making exercise fun and turning it into a family bonding adventure.

4 Family Exercise Ideas You Can Try Anytime

1.      Active TV commercial breaks

If your schedules are too busy to allow for a ‘real’ workout you can turn your TV time into exercise. This will also help you reduce the annoyance of commercial breaks. You can use this time to do a bit of cardio as a group.

The trick is to make these breaks fun. You can do this by dancing to the music from the ads or having one of you impersonating a strict sergeant training new troops. You can also tie your exercising to the show you’re watching.

2.      Short-term weight loss plans with a personal touch

If any of your family wants to lose a bit of weight, working together will improve their results and help you bond. To make this more fun, let every member of the family contribute to the exercise and lifestyle plans. In the meantime, be sure that all of you follow a healthy 14-day fat burn diet plan. A short plan is best as you’ll be able to make a long-term program more interesting by diversifying your diet and switching meal plans regularly.

Have every member of the family design an exercise plan for a week or a few days and develop a schedule that will allow you to try out all the options. Turn it into a family project with entering your results and impressions from every plan into a specialized journal. This way you may even develop some super-effective exercise routine and give it your family name.

3.      Family sports might

Set up a family sports might when all of you will practice some sports game. You can dedicate this time to one game that you all like or switch to allow everyone enjoy their favorite.

If you aren’t into any sports, you can simply make cards with different exercises and play any board game you like with the winner choosing one of the cards and whole family doing the exercise from it. Feel free to make some special additions to the cards to make the whole thing more fun. For example, have singing Christmas songs while doing burpees or reciting poetry with squats.

4.      Charity sports events

Nowadays, charity marathons and similar activities are very popular. Participating in them will not only enable you to exercise, but also give you a chance to help those in need. Doing charity from their youngest years will help instill strong moral values in your kids as well.

Of course, to do a charity marathon you’ll need to train a lot. Having that as your goal will motivate your whole family and you can exchange ideas on more ways to help your cause while you run. After all, exercising boosts brain activity, so inspiration should come easier.

If some of your family are too young or otherwise unable to participate in the event itself, get them involved in the cheering, training, or providing support for the event.


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