5 Things Dogs Do That Are More Than Just Cutesie Antics

5 Things Dogs Do That Are More Than Just Cutesie Antics

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Dog do the cutest things and they keep us humans entertained for hours. However, have you ever wondered, is there any deeper meaning behind their cute antics? What’s driving them to do these things? In this post, we take an in-depth look at 5 of these common doggie behaviors and reveal the true reason why dogs do them. Some these traits are completely harmless while others may be signs of health and behavioral issues. To resolve these problems, we suggest looking for vet-approved pet health advice online or better yet visit an actual vet. Without further ado, following are 5 things dogs do that have a deeper meaning.

Head Tilting: Experts are still wondering about this particular behavioral trait. However, there are a few theories in place. Some believe that dogs tilt their heads in an attempt to hear better or when they are trying to focus on a particular sound. That’s why some dogs tilt their heads when they hear a whistling sound. This makes sense because dogs also tend to tilt their heads when their human parents talk to them directly. According to pet behaviorist Dr. Nicholas Dodman, dogs often tilt their heads in response to a human vocal stimulus that they find curious.

Hole Digging: We often forget that dogs have a set of instinctive traits and digging holes is one of them. Some believe that this behavior is a remnant of a survival instinct. Dogs in the wild often need to hide their food by burying it underground. This is why it’s not uncommon to find pet dogs burying their bones and toys in a similar way. According to animal behaviorists, dogs also dig holes when they are suffering from anxiety. Not unlike humans who bite their nails when nervous. If your backyard is full of random ditches and holes, there are a few ways you can stop dogs from digging.

Tail Wagging: Most of us consider tail wagging as a classic sign of canine happiness. While that is often true, dogs may wag their tails for a variety of other reasons. Sometimes dogs wag their tails to display their dominance or when they are sexually aroused. This happens when the tail is pointed upwards. When the wagging tail is positioned downwards, this may be a sign of complete submission or nervousness.

Shoe Chewing: Have you ever wondered why dogs are more inclined to chew shoes than any other objects around the house? Well, puppies chew shoes during their teething phase, which is completely normal. To rescue your shoes from incessant canine attacks, introduce a few chew toys to solve this problem. When adult dogs chew shoes, it’s usually because they are suffering from separation anxiety. Dogs also chew stuff when they have excess energy to spend. If your dog is a chronic shoe chewer, then it’s best to consult an animal behaviorist.

Paw Lifting: Now, there are two types of paw lifting. Dogs often lift their paws while walking. This a classic sign of indecisiveness. This means that the dog is confused and is taking a moment to process things. Dogs also lift their paws on their parents’ laps or bodies. This gesture pretty much says “you need to pay attention to me.”


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