The potency of cannabis strains – what you should look for in CBD strains to determine its efficacy

The potency of cannabis strains – what you should look for in CBD strains to determine its efficacy

Cannabis could be a demon to a section of lawmakers in the US while with another group it is absolutely fine who is ready to use it for health healing purposes.  Some states even allow the use of recreational marijuana, but the picture that emerges about the legality of cannabis is somewhat grey. This is what one would conclude by looking at the legality of CBD and marijuana in the United States. In some states, it is legal to use CBD derived from marijuana while many other states have declared it illegal and there is yet another group of states, a sort of mixed bag, with each state enacting specific laws for CBD. Why the lawmakers are unable to reach a consensus about legalizing CBD is still a mystery.  Even in some states where CBD is legal, it still requires a medical prescription to buy it. You can find out more information on this topic by visiting as well.

Against this backdrop, it has become necessary to educate people for a proper understanding of the implications of various cannabis strains that determine its legality as well as its efficacy. More than 85 different types of cannabis strains are available with each having a varying degree of potency. It is the potency of cannabis that makes one particular strain more desirable than another. The perception of the potency of cannabis can vary from person to person.  For a person seeking recreational benefits of cannabis and intending to use it as a pleasure drug, the THC content in cannabis determines its potency. On the other hand, those who want to enjoy the medicinal benefits of cannabis would consider the level of CBD as the potency indicator. Therefore, it is essential to decide on the manner of use of cannabis before commenting on its potency.

 Strain potency explained

Cannabis in its traditional form was more for recreational use and for those seeking ‘high,’ potency meant the level of the cannabinoid THC present in cannabis. THC is the psychoactive agent that induces mind-altering effects and responsible for giving the much needed ‘high.’ The maximum level of THC in the cannabis plant can be as high as 20%. On the other hand, for medicinal use, the strain should consist of Cannabidiol or CBD only with no traces of THC and the maximum CBD content derived from cannabis plant can be 4%. This is the reason that CBD does not give you ‘high.’ Hemp is a legally safe source for obtaining CBD, but the CBD content could be low.

Cannabis is not only about THC although it is the most prevalent strain that people have known for years. The cannabinoid strain CBD is fast emerging as a close competitor of THC in popularity.  CBD is big business today, and you can now buy CBD products online by logging on to use it for health reasons.

Most popular cannabinoid strains

Whenever we talk about cannabinoid strains, the names THC and CBD are the only ones that come to the mind.  Comparing by volume, CBD is just behind THC. The health benefits of CBD are documented through various scientific research and studies. More as more people are trying it out for the treatment of many different kinds of health conditions.  CBD is very rich in antioxidants and has remarkable anti-inflammatory properties that enable the treatment of chronic pain as well as cardiovascular diseases.  Ongoing research indicates that it could be beneficial for cancer treatment by using its pain alleviating properties. CBD can treat anxiety disorders and even help to protect the brain cells from damage in the event of strokes and heart attacks.

Who benefits from using CBD?

In the initial stages of the discovery of CBD, people looked upon it as a THC inhibitor as they knew only about one of its properties that could help to counter the psychoactive effect of THC. Anxiety disorders can develop from the excessive use of THC for which CBD is the right antidote capable of managing it efficiently. However, it gradually unfolded that CBD has many more medical uses for the treatment of a number of diseases.  Some difficult to treat chronic conditions like multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease and PTSD can be effectively treated with CBD. Dravet syndrome, which is one of the rarest of these conditions, has now become better manageable with CBD. Traditional medicines are not effective anymore for the treatment of Dravet’s syndrome, which is a form of debilitating epilepsy that affects children. The disease is menacing because patients can experience hundreds of seizures in a day.

CBD is safe and without side effects

 While the effectiveness of CBD may vary from person to person depending on several conditions from the health, body constitution, age, dosage, etc. one thing is for sure that CBD does not have any known medical side effects. CBD is non-intoxicating and non-psychoactive which together with its zero side effects makes it the safest and best choice for the treatment of children affected by Dravet syndrome. CBD has made a breakthrough in the treatment of Dravet syndrome that does not have any treatment available from traditional medicines. Studies carried out to assess the effects of CBD on epilepsy have shown very encouraging results.

Evaluate the origin of CBD to determine its efficacy

The amount of CBD strains available from different sources can vary considerably as it is a cultivated product comprising different species of the cannabis plant. The variation can happen from crop to crop as well as from plant to plant. The level of CBD strain usually referred to as potency determines its medicinal value. Therefore, you should gather information about the strains that are high in CBD content so that you can check with the sellers to ensure if you are getting the right products.  Insisting for a laboratory test report is a definite way to know how much effective the product would be.

The more you know about the specifics of the strain and gather more information about its origin will make you a more confident buyer who knows exactly how to derive the best value from CBD.


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