Do Raspberry Ketones Really Help with Weight Loss?

Raspberry Ketones Really Help with Weight Loss

There is a lot of buzz around whether raspberry ketones can promote weight loss and help you shed those extra kilos from your body. Raspberry ketones are chemicals that are found in red raspberries. It is because of these ketones that raspberries get their enticing aroma. However, such ketones are also available in other types of berries such as cranberries and blackberries. Ketones from such berries, especially raspberry, is extracted and added to many food items and other products for fragrance and color, such as ice creams, colas and even cosmetics.

There has been some research done in laboratories that suggest that raspberry ketones can help with weight loss by increasing body metabolism and altering the efficiency of the metabolism hormone adiponectin in the body. Increased metabolism means that your body can break down fatty cells within more quickly and effectively, which leads to burning body fat faster.

But the confusion arises when it is proven that such laboratory studies were not done with humans, so there is no working evidence that raspberry ketone supplements can help in weight loss in humans. You can read for more details.

So, when it comes to raspberry ketones, there is still a lot of unknowns and the best is to have some studies done with humans to understand its exact effect on them in terms of weight loss. If there is no study to prove that raspberry ketones have an adverse effect on the human body, there is nothing that claims that they do help with weight loss.

In the year 2013, a study involving 70 obese yet healthy women was done, who were kept on a multi-ingredient supplement that primarily contained raspberry ketone and small quantities of garlic, caffeine, ginger, capsicum and citrus aurantium. After the eight-week weight loss program ended, at least 45 women observed a significant reduction in their weight. Although this may say that the main ingredient in the supplement – raspberry ketone – was the catalyst for such weight loss, there is no evidence that other ingredients did not have any role to play. After all, there could be any of the six ingredients or a combination of one or more ingredients that could have aggravated weight loss in these women.

The hard truth is that there are still a lot of companies that are selling raspberry ketone supplements for weight loss, calling them their magic pill for weight loss. The only reason why such supplements are gaining popularity is because it requires you to do no work. But that is not a tried and tested formula for weight loss. If you are genuinely looking at the right way to lose weight, it is best to stick with the right principles of eating a well-balanced diet and exercising regularly to burn fat.

In the end, we’d like to say that there is no magic pill or supplement for weight loss. With a right combination of healthy eating habits, lifestyle changes and daily exercise, you can effectively lose weight and gain back not just your lean body, but also your confidence and esteem.


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