What Modern Tools Should I Have in My Toolbox for 2018?

What Modern Tools Should I Have in My Toolbox for 2018?

It is now a few months in to 2018, and it is time to start clearing out your toolbox and finding new items to fill it with. You need new, modern tools to replace the tools you have had for far too long. Finding the right ones and deciding which tools are worth investing in can be a difficult choice, though. Here are just a few tools you should look into for your new, modern toolbox.

Powered Screwdrivers

Though not necessarily a “new” tool, the powered screwdriver is still invaluable to anyone’s toolbox, especially for those who love to do things themselves. As time goes on, the powered screwdriver has seen many adaptations, evolutions, and improvements over the years to create a newer, more functional tool to suit everyone’s needs. One of the most popular right now is the Black & Decker Roto-Bit powered screwdriver, which has storage space for 8 different sized bits and a powerful internal battery that can hold a charge for nearly 18 months. There are other powered screwdrivers out there, but this one is definitely one of the best on the market for 2018.

Staple Guns

Here is another classic tool that constantly experiences new upgrades and improvements as the year go by. Staple guns are, well, a staple of any toolbox, and in 2018, you can easily find different models and types to fit your needs. There are electric, manual, pneumatic, and the more specialized upholstery staple guns. Choosing the model for you all depends on your needs for the tool. Tool Nerds has different sections for each of these types of staple guns as well as comprehensive reviews to help you determine which staple gun will work best for your projects.

Circular Saw

This one is a great tool for any DIY-ers out there. It might not fit in your toolbox, but it is an incredibly helpful and useful tool for woodworking projects and home improvement. For the craftsmen looking for the right circular saw, it can be tricky to find one that is worth the potential investment. One of the great circular saws of 2018 is the Makita Rear Handle Circular Saw. Aesthetically it’s pleasing to look at, with silver and teal plating. This saw packs a lot of power in a lighter package, weighing around 12 pounds with the batteries. It houses enough power for incredible strength and ripping to complete many projects.


Pliers are one of those tools that feels like you always need them, or you never have one when you do need them. One of the most frustrating things about using pliers is that it always seems like your hand is blocking your line of sight to the spot you are using the pliers. However, a set of pliers called the Out of Sight Pliers have gotten rid of that particular issue. With the same needle nose shape and functionality, the handle of these pliers is below the pliers at an angle that allows full range of motion and sight without compromising the use of the tool. These pliers are a perfect addition to anyone’s toolbox.

Utility Knife

Pocket knives are useful, but utility knives are an invaluable tool in nearly any project. They, too, have evolved over time to become a necessity in any toolbox, for any handyman. They are useful for home improvement, mechanics, or just simple DIY projects. Utility knives never outlive their usefulness, and there are tons of types and models to choose from. As far as utility knives go, one of the best all-around utility knives suitable for any project is the DeWalt Folding Retractable Utility Knife. The blade is sharp and heavy-duty, the handle is high-quality and comfortable to hold, and it is very easy to switch out blades when needed.

Assembling the right toolkit for 2018 depends on your needs and desires. This list is simply to help guide you to finding the best tools for your projects.


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