Treat Your Bust To Full Support In Silk Lingerie

Treat Your Bust To Full Support In Silk Lingerie

There are a lot of reasons to purchase silk lingerie instead of synthetic fabrics. Although synthetic/polyester and silk might look the same when you see them on your screen, up-close they are two worlds apart. Silk feels lighter and softer to touch and much slinkier. Also, when you wear silk, it drapes beautifully and adorns the body beautifully, highlighting your best features.  It’s not only about the way silk looks, there are many more reasons to choose silk over polyester lingerie which will be discussed below.

Why You Should Choose Silk Lingerie

  • Comfort

Silk lingerie feels very oh-so smooth against the skin. It is so soft and it is an all-weather fabric. It is warm and comfortable in winter and also comfortably cool during summer. Its breathability has the ability to cool and warm concurrently.

  • Hypoallergenic

Silk has a natural protein structure which makes it perfect for people with sensitive skin. It is made of super soft texture, so it doesn’t feel irritating on the skin. Also, there is no need to artificially modify or soften silk with chemicals that are used for other fabrics. It is just perfectly soft the way it is!

  • Timeless and naturally elastic

Silk has always been, and will always be in fashion. It is a highly classic material that has stood the test of time. Silk lingerie can naturally stretch more than twenty percent of their original size andwon’t break. Silk lingerie always retains its shape unlike other fabrics.

  • Longevity

Although silk lingerie or a piece of silk chemise has a moderate abrasion resistance, it is long lasting. It is a strong fiber and it rarely peels. It also resists bacteria and mildew naturally, but it needs special care like making sure it is washed at a cool temperature. Your silk lingerie won’t be needing any replacement any time soon.

  • Luxurious

Just knowing that you are wearing a silk lingerie has some sort of special feeling that embodies you, they will make you feel like royalty. It is a luxury item, and you will feel the difference when you wear it. Although silk lingerie is quite expensive, they are worth it.

 Give silk lingerie a trial, and you will love it and wonder why you haven’t earlier! But if you are concerned about sizing then you have nothing to worry about. As we have compiled a list of brands that sell all types of lingerie that will fully support your bust, specifically for smaller busts.

Great Brands That Produce Beautiful LingerieFor Women with Bust Support:

Treat Your Bust To Full Support In Silk Lingerie blue

  • Elma lingeries

Elma lingerie is a brand that caters specifically to women with small busts. The founder and lingerie creator, Elma Valerio grew up feeling very much self-conscious about her small bust. She grew up in Hawaii where swimsuitswere the default outfit, which made her more self-conscious as she wasn’t as developed like other girls. She used to wear padded bras to fill out the space but that didn’t change anything. But now that Elma is fully grown, she has solved that problem by quitting her job and launching her own lingeries mainly for petite women. Her signature line is made from silk, mesh, soft knits, and lace, so you have a variety to choose from.

  • The Little Bra Company

Similar to Elma lingeries, the founder of The Little Bra Company, Emily Lao also launched it out of a personal need, and the frustration of lack of sexy lingerie for petite women. They have a wide range of designs for petite women that wear A-C cup. The bras are comfortable and were carefully made to fit women with small busts. The bras have a cup that doesn’t leave gaps when worn, made to make a perfect fit, and will make a sexy addition to your lingerie collection.

  • NK iMODE

NK iMODE was founded in 2003, all designs and patterns are created in Vancouver, Canada. All the beautiful collections are made with care in a family factory; located in the historical silk capital of the world, Suzhou. NK iMODE focuses on design excellence, fit, and lightweight bust support. Their collections are timeless, reflecting refined, everlasting style and high craftsmanship while incorporating versatility and luxury made in beautiful silk and lace.

  • AikYou lingerie

This brand is from Germany and they are all about embracing your natural bust, so their bras are without wires, pushup, or paddings. Their aim is to make petite women feel feminine and sexy while wearing their brand. Their designs are simple yet perfectly cut. Their wide range of designs beautifully highlight the assets of small busts.

  • Little Women Lingerie

Little Women lingerie specializes in the collection of lingerie for petite women. They have been established for twenty years, and they offer excellent quality and beautiful lingerie for women with small busts. They also make a mix and match swimwear in vibrant colors. They even offer a comprehensive refund and exchange service, in case the lingerie is not your size, or you wish to return it.So, you have nothing to lose when ordering from them.

  • Damaris lingerie

Damaris Evans is the creative brain behind Damaris lingerie. They make sexy open backed or bow backed lingerie pieces. They are well known for producing high quality and lovely lingerie. Their designs are of different types, ranging from silk to Lacey types. They make sizes from small to average, so petite women won’t have any trouble finding their size.

  • Huit lingerie

Huit is a French lingerie brand that glorifies the female body with its beautiful and affordable lingerie collection. They stand out because of their ability to be simple and yet a detailed brand. They are still expanding their size range, but they only focus on small size to average size at the moment. Each collection is highly comfortable and creative in their own way. Their recent collection available now are sleek and vintage like.


Although it might still look like a daunting task and you might even doubt if you will discover styles that will attract you, be rest assured that you can never go wrong with silk lingerie. All it takes is to just find a great piece that suits you perfectly and you are already on your way to giving your bust full support with silk lingerie.

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