Fashion and Fitness

Fashion and Fitness

Fitness can be difficult to maintain in the face of the sort of lifestyle 2018 demands: most jobs are sedentary, office based and take up more and more time. If you’re trying to build a reputation, looking for a promotion or a raise, it demands attendance above and beyond the call of duty. That means less sleep, less free time and more time…sitting at a desk. It also means monitoring your phone during the evenings and weekends, alert for important emails that need a quick response.

All this has a knock-on effect on your health, both physical and mental. Finding time to work in a fitness regime is all the more important when your available time is so limited, and it also needs to serve as the necessary ‘alone time’ to keep you balanced and happy.

Whatever your exercise regime, it’s also important to feel good while you’re engaged in it. This is your vital free time, and if you’re spending some of the only hours you have free from your job feeling unhappy, and like you’re looking terrible, it’s going to erode your mood even further. Even if it’s in a good cause like keeping healthy, having to dress in clothes that you feel don’t suit you, are uncomfortable and unfamiliar is a difficult experience that only makes you feel more like your life isn’t your own.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. The stereotypical exercise gear is sweaty lycra, concealed by a tired hoodie, all kept in a bag under the desk in your office. It’s no wonder that it can get you down. What you need to do is look to designers that are bringing some high fashion style and design nous to the gym, so you can actually express yourself and feel like you’re looking great however hard you work. Athleisure has been a real revolution for fitness wear and points the way forward to a happier future for people put off regular exercise by the discomfort and inconvenience of traditional work out clothes.

For example, have a look at some cashmere track pants from Chinti & Parker. Cashmere is one of the classic materials, a byword for comfort and luxury that means this are a great choice for working out and simply relaxing at home for long Sunday afternoons. Each choice has been designed by experts and artists, so they aren’t simply utilitarian work out clothes. They let you express your personality and show off some real fashion prowess.

This is the way to let your fitness routine liberate you: invest in some fashion pieces that turn it into a creative act of self-expression, and make it really part of your life.


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