Classic Pieces of Rings Every Woman Should Own!

Classic Pieces of Rings Every Woman Should Own!

A ring is more than just an extensive piece of jewellery. It’s an expression of love, promise, commitment, and a perfect way to commemorate memories that your love will always cherish.

Besides, a ring also reflects the personality of the wearer and its unique fashion sense. With so many stylish rings brimming in the market, it’s difficult to decide which one your love would like.

Whether its anniversary, birthday, proposal or you simply want to show your love, say it with these special rings.

Eternity Bands:

Jewellery is every woman’s love!  So, say it with a classy yet elegant piece of an eternity ring.

With the bands of precious metals, eternity rings are also called as infinity rings. They symbolizes immortalize love and is a perfect piece to cherish moments of a couple’s life. They are elegant, stylish and are usually crafted in gold and diamonds. Just pick the color and clarity of the rings and choose your style.

Custom crafted rings:

Imagine gifting a ring that is personal and will reflect your intimate love!

Be your own designer and craft special yet custom crafted rings for your loved one. After all finding the ring that suits your loved one personality as well as fits perfectly is something you would love to give.

Personalized rings are tailor-made, which means you would work with different jewelers to craft an exclusive piece of art. Simply, choose your style, pick your texture and material, and be the designer of your ring. You can choose designs and metal of the ring as per your style and budget. So, let your lover wear future customized especially by you!

Cocktail rings:

Cocktail rings are glamorous and chick. They are bold and majestic rings that are perfect to grab eyeballs.  The clusters of diamonds paved on the ring will make it dramatic look to look royal and lavishing.

Classic Pieces of Rings Every Woman Should Own! diamonds

Want to add style and class to a simple dress, accessories it with a beautiful cocktail ring. For minimalistic look, you can wear them with a casual dress. These rings have a powerful appearance that is hard to take-off eyeballs.

These rings also feature colored stones that are quite charming. Mostly, royal families and celebs are seen flaunting these shiny, bold rings.  Want to slay the party look? Have a beautiful cocktail ring and be party-ready!

Birthstone rings:

Want to gift your mom something special, and the luxury diamonds are out of your budget or the birthstone rings are perfect.  There are special gems with special, rich hues to impress any lady. These rings will also give you the option to get a stunning ring without breaking the bank.

Every birthstone has different hue and meaning which is said to bring hope, happiness and prosperity in someone’s life. Moreover, birthstone rings play an important role in person’s life and are considered as a lucky. So, know your mom’s natural stone and gift her something that he would cherish for life.

Stack rings:

If you think that women have enough jewellery, you are wrong! Her love for jewellery can never be enough and stack rings are made with this idea. They are light-in-weight and are designed to experiment with jewellery.

Classic Pieces of Rings Every Woman Should Own! hand

You can pick multi-colored layers of rings to hit the jewellery game or can play with texture and colors to enhance your look. You can also mix and match the metal to get the combination to suits your style.

Engagement rings:

Engagement ceremony means exchanging rings with each other. It is given to each other as a symbol of togetherness. From vintage engagement rings to modern twists, to classic looks, the options are endless. While classic designs are simple and feature one diamond, modern rings are more glamorous featuring the noticeable stones.

Vintage designs will feature details of the period the ring was designed. Be it cable bands, split shanks or the bezel rings, you can pick anyone to suit your style. Moreover, you can pick rings of metals like gold and platinum studded with precious gemstones or diamonds.

A ring is every woman’s, first love. Be it a classy look or the bold style; no look is complete without a statement ring. So! Get the one or gift it to your lady love and let them flaunt their hands in style.


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