A Guide to Buying the Right Antique Engagement Ring

A Guide to Buying the Right Antique Engagement Ring

After a series of turbulent short-term relationships, you feel you have finally met the woman you wish to spend the rest of your life with, and as you prepare for that nerve-racking proposal, your thoughts will turn to the ring. Most women love the antique look, especially when it comes to an engagement ring, and with that in mind, here is some useful information that should help you in your quest for the perfect engagement ring. The word “antique” is often used in a general way to mean something very old, yet, in the industry, an antique is a piece that was made more than a century ago, and anything that was made that long ago and is still in great shape, isn’t going to diminish in any way. So, now you’ve decided than antique is the only way to go, here are a few tips that should help you make the right engagement ring selection.

  • Decide on your Budget – You simply must come up with a figure that you’re prepared to invest, and while this is to be a symbol of your eternal love, you shouldn’t put yourself into a financial crisis. There are those who say that three month’s salary would be about right, yet it really is down to the individual, but one thing is for sure, the ring must be of a diamond composition. There are first class online jewellers with their own antique style engagement rings, and with lower than retail prices and a guarantee of authenticity, you can browse the many designs, and armed with her ring size, you can select something that will simply take her breath away!
  • Reputable Jeweller – The average person knows very little about diamonds, and most wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between any stone, other than its size, therefore, it makes sense to approach a reputable jeweller, someone who is accredited and has a good name in the industry. Finding such a jeweller is not as difficult as you might think, and with a few minutes of Internet searching, you will be looking at a stunning range of diamond engagement rings. The online jeweller would issue certificates, as you would expect with any retail jeweller, and is happy to advise the client on every aspect of jewellery purchase. The easy to navigate menu allows you to search by category, and with an extensive catalogue of antique diamond rings, you can browse to your heart’s content.
  • Do your Diamond Research – Diamonds are costly items, and you should familiarise yourself with the 4 Cs, Clarity, Cut, Colour and Carat. There are websites dedicated to the study of these precious stones, and a few hours is all it would take to give you a basic understanding of diamonds. A great place to start learning is the ultimate diamond buying guide, which everyone who is considering investing in diamonds should read.
  • Investigate your Partner – We are not talking about hiring detectives to dig up her past, rather an investigation into her likes and dislikes, specifically jewellery. A good friend of hers might be willing to help, and she would be able to start up a conversation that would give her the required info. Another idea would be for the both of them to sit in front of the laptop and browse diamond engagement rings – single girls do this all the time – and that will certainly tell you where her real preferences lie.

The actual proposal is always a daunting thing to think about, yet more often than not, the right answer makes it a memorable occasion, and with the right ring in your waistcoat pocket, the proposal will be the start of a long and happy life together.


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