4 Elegant Outfit Ideas for This Summer

4 Elegant Outfit Ideas for This Summer

The sun-filled days and warm nights of summer are quickly approaching, and everyone is excited! Whether you’re headed to the racetracks for a polo classic or going on a romantic dinner date at the new hot spot in town, summer is the perfect time to make a fashion statement. To get you started and give you some inspiration, we present four of our favorite looks here. Save on your summer outfits with this nordstrom discount code. These chic and elegant outfit ideas offer a spectacular way to freshen up your look for the season.

Ease and Elegance for the Win 4 Elegant Outfit Ideas for This Summer

(Image Courtesy of The Viva Luxury)

This is undoubtedly one of our favorite looks for the season because it’s super easy and comfortable. Additionally, you won’t need to sacrifice a single ounce of your style. All it takes for the simple yet sophisticated outfit is a pair of high-waisted pants with a crop-top, your favorite high-heels, and a colorful clutch. A loose-fitting crop-top is the key to this look and can be worn with both slouchy trousers and skinny jeans. The versatility of this outfit is great for both daytime and nightime. It also functions phenomenally when you’re out and about for the whole day. A pair of vintage-inspired sunglasses is the perfect accessory to finish off this summertime outfit too.

An All-White Affair 

4 Elegant Outfit Ideas for This Summer (Image Courtesy of Mint Label/Instagram)

There’s something about an all-white ensemble that makes it perfect for the summer season. An oversized white “boyfriend” shirt with rolled back sleeves and a collar. All of that paired exquisitely with white shorts and a brown leather belt in this extraordinary look. You also have some room to personalize this outfit by choosing to wear a hat and accenting the look with gold or silver jewelry. Finally, you just need to decide between short boots or all-white sneakers.

Sun-Kissed Shoulders with a Dashing Dress4 Elegant Outfit Ideas for This Summer

(Image Courtesy of All for Color)

An off-the-shoulder, fun-colored dress is a quintessential item for your summer wardrobe. Not only does it look ultra-chic, but it’s also incredibly comfortable in the summer heat. Bring this whole look together with a pair of open-toe leather booties and a matching oversized bag. This style can work for a variety of occasions. However, it’s probably the perfect outfit for a champagne brunch with the girls. With this outfit, it’s hard not to get excited about the coming season!

A Summer Night (and Outfit) to Remember4 Elegant Outfit Ideas for This Summer

(Image Courtesy of Extra Petite)

This last look features oozes of class and elegance. The centerpiece of this outfit is undoubtedly the floral-print midi skirt, which gives the ensemble pop and some flair. A halter top featuring a high neckline provides the outfit a sleek look that nicely complements the skirt. Finish it off with some classic jewelry and take your outfit to the next level. Our pick? A pearl ring with a matching set of pearl earrings. Whether it’s a cocktail party, a special date, or even a business meeting, this outfit will guarantee that you are looking your absolute best.

It’s hard not to count down the days to summer when the season is filled with opportunities showcasing elegant outfits. Take these ideas and get some inspiration to look your best this season!


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