The Best Times of the day to Eat Each Type of Food

The Best Times of the day to Eat Each Type of Food

Your diet has a huge impact on how you feel and how healthy you are. What you eat matters a lot, but when you eat each type of food also has a major impact. Depending on your daily schedule and the body’s natural rhythm, eating certain nutrients at a specific time of the day can alter your mood and your energy level. Knowing when the best time to eat a certain food is can help you stay energized for the entire day, literally transforming your entire lifestyle.

Eat carbs before and after your workout

Carbohydrates provide an energy boost, so they are best foods to eat before a workout. You can eat a small amount of carbs before the workout and then eat another small batch of carbs after the workout. This will provide you with energy for your training. The best picks are fruits, almonds or low carb desserts. After the workout you can eat carbs paired with proteins, to refuel your body and nourish your muscles. About one hour after your workout you can enjoy a cup of yoghurt with fresh fruits or almonds. Another option is a banana topped with peanut butter.

Fats and proteins for breakfast

The breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so you need to eat foods which can provide you energy for the day. Proteins are the best picks for breakfast, so you can make an omelet or indulge in a whole grain toast topped with avocado slices.

Fats are also important and can be found in Greek yoghurt, eggs and nut butter. Eating fats at breakfast will help you prevent cravings over the day and ensures your body gets to burn those fats instead of storing them for later.

Healthy carbs for dinnerĀ 

Proteins and fats can lead to indigestion if eaten in the night, so your dinner should contain healthier complex carbs. Your last meal of the day can also contain easy to digest proteins and light fats, so your body will focus on getting enough rest during the night, not on digesting food. Another reason to avoid foods rich in proteins and fats at dinnertime is that your body will likely store them for later, instead of burning them.

Eating carbohydrates in the evening can help your body regulate the blood sugar levels and the production of insulin. Studies revealed that eating carbs in the evening helps the body release more leptin, which is the hormone that gives you the full belly feeling.

Protein rich snacks for the entire day

Proteins help you build more muscle mass, which requires more resources just to exist, so the more muscles you build, the more fat your body will burn. Pair a healthy lifestyle and regular exercising with protein-rich snacks to lose weight naturally. Proteins also give you energy, so when you feel a bit tired you can snack on cottage cheese or nut butter.

Your eating habits have a major impact on how you feel for the day, so if you notice your energy level drops at a certain time of the day, adjust your diet accordingly.


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