10 Essentials for Your Basic Household Tool Kit

10 Essentials for Your Basic Household Tool Kit

You don’t need a full-on tool kit for your home space, but you should have some essentials just in case you want to hang photos, replace a fuse, tighten a loose bolt to two, or change a light fixture if you are so inclined. Even if you are not the handiest of people, a basic tool kit can save you from having to call a repairman for the simplest of tasks.

Here are ten essential tools you will need to have for your home tool kit.

10. A Hammer

This may sound extremely basic, but you will be surprised the number of times a simple hammer will save you a lot of grief. To start with at least you will simply need a good carpenters hammer, one with a head on one end and a claw on the other. The claw can pull nails out of a wall or otherwise be used to pry things, and the head is for hammering. A simple one that is not to heavy and fits your hand is the best choice.

9. A Stud Finder

This is not for you single ladies to use at the bar. Rather, it is a device that will send a laser through your wall, sensing where there is a wooden stud behind drywall or plaster. This is vital if you are mounting your TV or decorating, as you will want to find something solid to mount them too.

8. A Screwdriver with Interchangeable Bits

You have probably seen these in hardware stores, and they are the kind of screwdrivers that come with one handle and several interchangeable tips for various tasks. A good set will have several sizes and types of bits, anything you will usually need around the house. The good thing is that if you are missing a bit you need, you can go purchase a new one easily without having to buy a whole new tool.

7. A Cordless Screwdriver

The good news? These often use the same or similar bits to the interchangeable bits above, but instead of you having to turn it by hand, it has a rechargeable power source. This makes quick work of assembling new furniture or taking things apart and can be a lifesaver in many situations, or at least keep your wrist from getting overly tired. These range from cheap to pretty powerful and expensive, so search for the best cordless screwdriver for you.

6. A Drill

There will be times when the power screwdriver is just not tough enough, or you need to drill a hole for a drywall anchor of some other common task. A good drill is invaluable. Don’t go too cheap here, as you do not need anything fancy, but a rechargeable model that is brand name and comes with a couple of batteries will be truly helpful.

5. Pliers

A simple pair of pliers will be a great asset to your tool kit. There are different types, from needle nose pliers that let you get into small spaces easily kind of like tweezers and standard slip-joint pliers that will be up to almost any task. There are many sizes as well, from small to larger, heavy duty types. Choose the type that best fits what you do most often, or grab a set with a few types and sizes in case you need them at some point.

4. Channel Locks

These look kind of like pliers, but they are different because they can be used on plumbing joints and other household tasks. There are plenty of times when a sink repair or working on the garbage disposal will make these absolutely essential. Again, these come in a variety of sizes, but a good pair of 8” ones will usually do the trick for most homeowners.

3. Vice Grips

These are like pliers, sort of, except that you can “lock” them on to nuts and bolts and other things you need to loosen. You can also use them as clamps when you are gluing things or trying to hold them together while you work on them.

A worthwhile tool, it is good to get a set of these as well, since they also come in different sizes for different tasks.

2. A Crescent Wrench

This is the handyman’s go to tool fairly often. The reason? You need a lot of wrenches to have the right size for any bolt or task, and those can be expensive and take up a lot of room. However, a crescent wrench can be adjusted to fit almost any sized bolt. Be sure to get one that is long enough though. The way wrenches work is through leverage, and one that is too short will be useless. Also, get a good brand. A cheap wrench will slip off bolts and even strip them, causing you even more issues.

1. A Socket Set with a Ratchet

Even an inexpensive one of these can save you a lot of trouble and make it possible for you to do all kinds of repairs. This consists of a handle with several sockets that fit on several sized bolts. If you can use a socket, you will not usually strip the bolt head like you might with a crescent wrench, and you can often get more leverage. Just be careful with cheap sets, as sockets and ratchets can sometimes break, causing you to have to replace them not to mention the bruised knuckles it often causes.

So there you have it. Even if you are not the handiest of people, you can add some simple tools to your home tool kit, so you can do the most basic of tasks. If it gets to be too much for you, you can always call a pro at that point, but you may save a lot with a few simple tools and Google to look up the tasks you are trying to do.


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