What You Need to Know About Beaded Dresses

What You Need to Know About Beaded Dresses

A popular feature we see on prom, homecoming, and other formal occasion dresses are gorgeous beadwork. The addition of high-quality beads and intricate beadwork on the bodice, waist, or sleeves can give simple gowns an elegant upgrade.

This trend of beaded gowns started way back in the earlier centuries when sparkly, glittery materials were sewn into clothing. Indeed, beads can be made from a number of materials, including more sophisticated items such as crystals to gemstones. Some of the commonly used beads for fabrics are Swarovski crystal beads, faux pearls or plastic pearls, sequins, and rhinestones.

Beaded Gown Designs to Choose From

As wide-ranging as the variety of beads available, the types of beadwork are also extensive. There are designs that feature a few scattered beads on the gown and there are also designs that can have the entire gown covered with beadwork. Everyone can choose from various beaded formal dresses, including numerous collections of cheap homecoming dresses in 2018 that do not compromise quality.

Beaded dresses are beautiful choices to show off your curves, perfect alternatives for those who would not want to wear figure-hugging jersey gown types. Long and slim beaded gowns are common. These usually have high necklines and either a strappy or keyhole open back. Entirely sequin dresses can come with thigh-high slits or gowns embellished with miniature beads and stones are also popular. Still, an assortment of styles remains available to those who do not favour these designs.

Many beaded gowns come in neutral metallic designs and yet there are also simpler versions with subtle beaded patterns that are not as bold as the former. There are also long-sleeved, fully beaded prom dress options, but you can also choose two-piece or short dress designs that are fully sequined and feature unique one shoulder necklines.

What to Look for in Beaded Gowns

However, not all beaded gowns are created equally. Low-quality bead materials can be detrimental to your gown. Make sure beads are sewn securely into the dress using threads with the same color as your gown’s fabric. The threads used should also be of high quality if you do not want to run the risk of popping and falling beads.

The beads do not need to be the same color as the fabric of your gown but it should at least work well with the gown’s color and not clash with the ensemble. Plus, opt out of dresses that feature more than one decorative element. If you want to go for beaded gowns, stay away from ruffles, laces, and other features unless you want to look ridiculous and overpowered with decorations.

How to Accessorize Beaded Gowns

Aside from the overwhelming elements, you need to be careful with the accessories you choose when you wear beaded gowns because it’s very easy to go overboard with these. For example, if you are wearing a dress with beaded Swarovski crystals or rhinestones, you need not wear a lot of jewellery or you’ll end up looking tacky. Just keep your accessories simple, like maybe opt for a single layer necklace and plain drop earrings. You can wear metallic jewellery with a black beaded gown since gold and silver look attractive with the ensemble.

If you are planning on bringing a purse or clutch along, make sure it matches with the jewellery. For example, a purse with a gold feature will go well with gold jewellery. The ensemble can be topped off with a metallic pair of shoes. If you are wearing a beaded rhinestone gown, you can go bold and pair this with pumps studded with similarly-colored rhinestones.


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