How Much Does It Cost To Have A Tree Removed?

How Much Does It Cost To Have A Tree Removed?

Trees are beautiful when in blossom. If you have one in your yard you’ll be well aware of how stunning they can be.

They can also be useful; they provide shade and can even be used to create a tree house. But what if it becomes a nuisance or a danger?

If your tree is blocking all your sun, dying, diseased or simply a danger to your home and other people then you’re going to have to consider having it removed.

At this point it is important to note that you need to check the local regulations. You are generally only allowed to prune or fell trees with permission; unless they are on the exempt list.

The Removal Cost

The exact cost is difficult to pinpoint as it will depend on the size of your tree, its type and the accessibility.

It is possible that it will cost as little as $150 but it could easily cost $1,500! It’s important to note that this is for the cost of removing the tree; not the root. There will always be an extra charge for this.

Finding Your Tree Removal Specialist

It is possible to remove a tree yourself. However, the larger the tree the more difficult this is; especially if you don’t want to cause any damage to your home or others.

It is generally best to use a specialist such as High Point Trees in Sydney. They will have all the right equipment and insurance in case anything does go wrong.

Follow these steps to locate the best tree specialist in your area:

  • Ask A Friend

The first step is to simply speak to your friends and family. One of them may have had a tree removed or even pruned in the past. They will be able to advise whether the service is any good or not.

  • Check Online

You should also check online for the tree removal services in your area. There will be plenty of people offering opinions of the service provided by the different tree removal companies.

All you need to do is identify which ones appear to have the most positive responses.

  • Get A Quote

You need to pick 3 tree removal experts. You can then contact all of them and ask for a quote.

As mentioned the cost of your tree removal depends on many factors but you would expect the 3 specialists to come back with similar prices.

It is important to be careful at this stage. The lowest quote is not necessarily the best; check what is actually included.

A large tree can produce a lot of wood; do you want to be clearing this yourself just to save a few dollars?

  • Talk To Them

Finally you need to talk to each of your specialists. It is important to be happy with the service they are offering and to feel that your opinion matters.

You need to feel comfortable with them before you commit to their price and contract.


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