Keep Your Stuff Safe Until You Need It: 5 Tips On How to Pick Proper Storage Units

Keep Your Stuff Safe Until You Need It: 5 Tips On How to Pick Proper Storage Units

A price cannot be placed on memorable valuables that one doesn’t want to part with. However, most of this stuff can end up consuming a lot of precious square footage space throughout the house or apartment. This is where the option for a storage unit is essential. However, the unit needs to be reliable and assure safety and security. Here are a few tips to determine which facility to choose.

Protection and Security Protocols

A visit to the facility before making a decision is a must. Be sure to examine the perimeter for how the location is secured relative to its surrounding areas. Check the amount of exterior lighting and look at the strength of the gate as well as the fence surrounding the building. Throughout the fence, any security surveillance and layers of protection will be readily visible. A 24-hour video surveillance system of protection can protect each unit and assist law enforcement when an intruder or bad actor makes it through.

Protection Against the Elements

Take note if the units are properly sealed against the elements outside. If the units are climate controlled, the risk of any external factor could be lessened.

A few of these external factors to keep in mind are floods, fires, mold, rust, humidity, and corrosion of temperature-sensitive objects. Furniture and fabrics and other common materials could be permanently damaged if they are not properly defended from outside factors.

Have a Secure Lock for Your Unit

Discussing security with the manager of the facility should include the specific locking mechanisms used for each storage unit. The most common is a simple lock and key system but with advances in security technology, some buildings have changed to digital key cards with digital locks that require only the key card given to the customer. So that you know your belongings are truly safe, with only the owner of the key cards having access to the unit, it’ll help to have management be clear on how secure that key is against any tampering.

What is the Facility’s Insurance Policy?

Be sure to ask if the management offers insurance upon the valuables in the unit and what the exact terms are regarding coverage. For example, storage units in Santa Ana offer insurance in the case where the unit is breached or when items inside might experience some damage. Although one doesn’t like to think that something could happen to their possessions, it’s good to know that there’s a policy to address any potential losses or damages.

Both You and the Facility Should Have Updated Records

By keeping an up to date log of things that are in or have been removed from the unit, it makes it easier for both parties to know who is responsible for what. A good system is applying serial numbers to each individual object that is to be placed in the unit. With this list, one is more organized and it will help police if a theft occurs.


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