5 Tips for Creating a Warm Contemporary Landscape

5 Tips for Creating a Warm Contemporary Landscape

Sometimes, the minimalist approach and sleek materials used in modern landscaping can seem both uninviting and cold. Good thing there are ways to create a setting that feels inviting and friendly in an artful and personalized manner.

Landscaping companies in Blue Springs, MO share tips for designing and creating a contemporary landscape that is warm and comfortable.

  1. Add warmth to your hardscape

A lifeless appearance is often the common pitfall among modern landscapes. Landscaping experts now put emphasis on the use of honest materials or those that do not pretend to be something they aren’t.

For instance, instead of using a concrete that has been colored and stamped to appear like flagstone, consider just having a simple concrete patio. However, overusing the natural colors of concrete, steel, and some types of stone can be uninviting. The best solution for this is to incorporate color.

Sandstone and pebble are enough to make a huge concrete patio look and feel more inviting. These options offer hues that aren’t too bright. If the mild warmth of the concrete is carried throughout your landscape in both the plants and other materials, the color of the patio will fit intuitively and will seem like a perfect composition.

As for steel, there are options that offer a warm, rich tone to your landscape. This then softens the contemporary materials in gray, silver, and black. A backdrop of horizontal steel fencing can define and organize your garden space.

  1. Choose a natural yet loose planting style

Most contemporary landscapes have stiff sculptural plants. But this planting style tends to “reject” relationships with the natural world. Landscaping and lawn experts emphasize that there is no reason for you to just opt for architectural plants. Remember that if your plantings have an alive, loose and natural appearance, they will bring about a sense of liveliness, warmth, and playfulness in your outdoor living space.

When designing a modern landscape, there’s enough organization in your hardscape so you have the option to go for more natural plants. Go for perennials because the color of their flowers can warm up your garden atmosphere, especially when strategically combined with the hues of ornamental grasses.

  1. Incorporate water features

Water features elevate the elegance of any landscape design. Experts recommend putting fish in your water features because this creates an exciting ecosystem as well as introduce life and color. The seasonal visits of butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds are a great addition to your garden, keeping it from becoming stagnant and static.

  1. Think of the layout and lighting

Your landscape layout plays a huge part in adding warmth to your garden space. You can pull the plantings into the hardscapes with the use of planters, whether on the ground, within patio areas or elevated. If you choose to raise the planters, they become more tangible and can serve as focal points of your landscape.

Contemporary landscapes are meant to act as an extension of your house. To keep the atmosphere warm and cozy, avoid cool-toned lighting. LED lights are great options because they are a lot warmer, and impart a look that is incandescent.

  1. Add your personal touch

A design becomes stunning and more welcoming when the furnishings, focal points, and artful touches are well-connected to the owners and the surroundings.

However, adding your personal touch without compromising the minimalist appearance of a contemporary landscape design can be challenging. When in doubt, experts recommend choosing furniture that incorporates wood because this is the safest way to add warmth to your outdoor space.

Wood never goes out of style. Add color by including cushions, but avoid using orange and lime green cushions because they can overwhelm the design of your space. Instead, consider getting inspirations from your planting palette. For instance, you can repeat the color of the ornamental grass or the flowers you have in your landscape.

Modern landscapes don’t have to be cold and uninviting, so be sure to implement these tips to add warmth to your outdoor living space. You can also hire professional landscaping services if you are ill-equipped to deal with your landscape project. They are undoubtedly capable of making your outdoor space both warm and welcoming.


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