Advantages of Ute Canopies and the Materials to Choose From

Advantages of Ute Canopies and the Materials to Choose From

Ute canopies are all the rage.  They are fully customized and have many advantages.  There are several things to consider when installing one of these, but the three main ones are weight, price, and quality.  If you off-road on regular basis, weight is most definitely a consideration to take seriously; Price is also a critical element because you must consider what you can afford in light of what works for you.  Quality must also be considered in terms of materials used and installation.  The higher end canopies can be pricey, but they tend to last longer.  Cheaper options are prone to damage and may require modification and repair as time goes by, which can also be quite costly. What are the advantages of having an ute canopy though?

  1. Securing your luggage or equipment – If you are a person who enjoys the outdoors, whether in sports or camping, there is a big chance that you tend to carry a lot of things in your car. Without a canopy, your stuff tends to be more prone to vandalism and theft because it has simply been stacked in the back.  With a canopy, your equipment is locked in and kept secure throughout your adventures.
  2. Adds flair – Gone are the days when a canopy made the vehicle functional without adding to its aesthetic value. Today, not only do canopies serve a purpose, they give your vehicle a snazzy look that is modern, stylish, and boosts your ego too.  You will want people to see you driving it.
  3. Enhance the vehicle – Not only does your car look fantastic; there are many different accessories that come with it. You get to enjoy sliding windows, a camera in the back to help you reverse without struggling and so much more.

When selecting ute canopies in Sydney, you need to consider the materials used to make it. Each material comes with its pros and cons so you must think through these carefully.  Some of the materials to consider include the following:

  • Canvas – This option is light and also cheap. A steel frame is mounted on the vehicle and canvas draped over it.  Depending on what you are looking for, the setup can cost you between $3000 and $8000 if you want secure the sides and the capacity to carry on the roof.  On the downside, your stuff is prone to the elements and refining levels are low.
  • Mild steel – The price range is the same as that of canvas but it is important to note that depending on how well the steel has been protected, it can be prone to corrosion. You can opt to paint the steel, which you will need to repeat from time to time.  Additionally, if the paint is scraped, the scrapes can begin to rust.  Some of the said issues can be rectified using trays that are galvanized.
  • Aluminum – These have taken the market by storm and are currently dominating the industry. Costs range from $5000 to $12000 depending on the options you choose and the quality.  Aluminum does not corrode and saves on weight as well. It is strong, does not need steel reinforcement and works well for most people.

Composite materials and fiberglass – These tend to be heavier than aluminum and are more costly. Composites tend to give the canopy great strength without adding to the weight.  The price range from this is between $20000 and$50000.


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