A look at the mobile gaming industry

A look at the mobile gaming industry

Over the years the mobile gaming industry has changed considerably and all for the better as these devices now offer much improved facilities and features which make the mobile gaming genre able to be so successful throughout the industry.

Even though there are many new and much improved games that are on offer you will still find that many of the world’s greatest mobile games are still just as popular today as they have ever been. These classic games are the ones that have made the mobile gaming industry so successful so they of course should not be forgotten so we at mobile news have chosen to list our all time favourite classic mobile games in the hope that you may be able to enjoy them like we do. Playing mobile slot games have also become very popular, especially with the boom of mobile internet speeds and tablet development. You can also read more about the history of video games at Wepc.com

The first game on our list is possibly one of the most iconic in history and is none other than Pac-Man which is still regarded as one of the pioneering games in the industry. The main pull of Pac-Man is that it contains no frills or gimmicks and is just a straight forward platform game that requires great skill and co-ordination to complete successfully. The basics of the game is that players must guide their Pac-Man across many various levels where they must eats as many balls as possible. This may sound easy enough but when you are being chased by many horrible monsters who are determined to eat you this can become quite difficult but it is very exciting none the less. The Play Slots Now game makes use of its basic graphics extremely well and they are very smooth running throughout and extremely eye catching. This also goes for the game play as it is one of the most addictive games we have ever played and you simply will not be able to put it down once you begin.

The second game on our list of classic mobile games is another world renowned title which has been at the top of the game for many years and is called Frogger. This title has been the winner of many awards during its time and has been touted by many of the world’s leading video games critics as arguably the most addictive game of all time. The game requires gamers to lead their frog across many dangerous levels where they will need to jump, skid and slide over many obstacles that are strategically placed in your way.

You will also be chased by a multitude of enemies along the way which really spices up the game more than you could imagine. After many hours of playing this title we can confirm that it is by far the most addictive game we here at mobile news have ever had the pleasure of reviewing as we could not put it down at all even after many hours of play. Having played the original on console we found this version to be much smoother and enjoyable and this is why it scores top marks with us without a doubt. The Official website for Frogger games can be found on the Konami Frogger Page.

Another mobile game we just had to mention on our list of Great Mobile Games is Ghosts `N` Goblins which remains one of the most loved platform games of all time as it has been entertaining gamers for over twenty five years. The game sees players leading their knights across countless levels where they must destroy as many of the ghosts and ghouls as they possibly can before they manage to break through your armour and destroy you first.

The game has very good graphical content even for the mobile devices it is available on and is one of the most addictive games we have ever played so far. Ever since I was a boy and I first experienced this title I have always loved it and this is why it scores so highly on the mobile news reviewing radar.


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