The Window Tricks Interior Designers Use

The Window Tricks Interior Designers Use

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Unfortunately, not all of us are lucky enough to have huge windows that are amazing at letting in the light and giving us amazing views of the outdoor world around us. However, there are plenty of tricks that we can use to at least create the illusion that our windows are bigger and more attractive than they actually are.

If you want to make the most of your windows, here are some interior designer approved tips you can use to do just that:

Make Your Rod Longer

A really easy way to make your windows appear a little (or a lot) wider than they actually are, and improve your home overall,  is to hang your curtain rod so that it overshoots the windows by a few inches (between 10 and 15 inches is ideal). When you do this, it creates the illusion that your windows extend further than they do, when in reality much of what you are looking at is wall. It doesn’t sound like it would work, but it really does.

Hang ‘Em High

If you want to add the illusion of height to your windows, and actually the entirety of your rooms. Then instead of hanging your curtains just above the windows, hang them from the ceiling right down to the floor, this will create the illusion of height, and it also makes the space appear a little more sophisticated too.

Wall to Wall

As well as ensuring that your curtains start at the ceiling and end at the floor it’s a good idea to stretch out how much width they cover by hanging them wall to wall. Again, This pulls the eyes lengthways which creates the illusion of wider windows because it’s hard to know where the walls stop and the windows start and vice versa.

Sheer Curtains

As you can see by looking at Deconovo, there has never been a bigger selection of beautiful curtains to choose from/ However, if you want your windows to let in lots of light, and your home to be as airy as possible, it’s a pretty good idea to choose sheer curtains where possible.

You can always hang a Shade that you can pull down when you need more privacy if that is important to you, and actually, doing this helps to make your windows look taller, well it does if you hang the shade just under your curtain rod anyway, according to the experts.

Frame Your Window

Putting a thick frame or painting a border around your window will draw your eye to the window, making it stand out and look much larger than it actually is.

Paint it Dark

No, you don’t have to paint your walls black, but if like most windows, yours are white, it’s not a good idea to also paint your walls white because it will have a shrinking effect on your windows. If you can paint the surrounding walls even a shade or two darker, then the windows will really ‘pop’, and they will look much better than before.

Color the Trim

Of course, if you love white walls and you don’t want to get rid of them, painting your window trims a darker color will have pretty much the same effect, and it will mean that your windows are much more unique than the average person’s, especially if you go for a more unusual color like mauve or pastel blue.

Go Low

When it comes to furniture, the lower to the ground you can get it, the better it will be for the appearance of your windows. Why? Because if your furniture is closer to the ground, like the couches at EurusDesign, it will trick you and your guests, into thinking that the scale of the room is different and your windows will look larger as a result. Obviously, you don’t have to buy all large furniture, but if it’s going to go next to or under a small window, the lower, the better as far as most interior designers are concerned.

Pick a Pattern

When it comes to window treatments, choosing fabrics that are patterned, specifically those that feature vertical stripes, will add the illusion of height. They also make the room look more interesting than plain treatments too. Not only that but if the pattern is bold, then it will make your windows the main focus and any issues with size will not be so noticeable to the average person as a result.

If you implement as many of these ideas as possible into your home, although you’ll still have small windows, it won’t feel quite so much like you do and that is almost certainly a good thing for those of you who value big, attractive windows.


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