6 Important Qualities of the Best Office Chair

6 Important Qualities of the Best Office Chair

With the advancements in technology, more and more people are spending lots of time working behind their desks, seated in an uncomfortable chair. This sedentary lifestyle has caused many individuals to lose body shape, become overweight, and even develop serious health problems. An office chair that is not ergonomically correct can also cause bad posture, neck pains, back pains, and overall body aches. This is why you need to find the right office chair to enhance your productivity and protect your health. Below are a few qualities of the best office chair.

Back support

The best ergonomic office chair has adequate back support. You need a back support that is easily adjustable and properly fits on your back. This back support should also be consistent whenever you recline or move your chair. With excellent support on your back, you will enhance your posture and reduce or eliminate stiffness and back pain. Without excellent support for your back, you may end up with back problems that will affect you throughout your life.


Your office chair must be stable and should be able to hold your body weight without any problem. A good chair will have an extended base. The stability of a chair is key because serious injuries can occur if it tips over while you are seated on it. You should always opt for a chair with wheels and one that swivels and has a five-point base that will ensure you do not flip over whenever you recline.

Arm rests

What’s the Best Office Chair? You need a chair that has armrests designed to improve your productivity and comfort level.  Go for armrests that allow you to move with ease. It is important that you choose armrests that feature adjustable breadth and height and be adequately padded for enhanced comfort.

Height adjustments

Different people will have varying heights. This is why a good office chair should have features for adjusting the height. This will ensure that the office chair can be comfortably used by different people without any problem. A good seat will ensure that anyone can sit comfortably with their thighs horizontal to the ground, both feet on the floor and the wrists straight while typing.

Seat pan

The design and padding of the chair should also be considered. A rounded edge at the front of your seat will ensure that blood flows to all areas of your legs without any interference. The seating should also tilt to allow you to change your posture whenever you wish to. The padding should be durable and heatproof so that heat and moisture is perfectly dissipated.

Width of the chair

When choosing a chair, you need one that you can easily fit in and feel comfortable in. You do not want to have to squeeze into the seat. Even if you feel comfortable after sitting, that chair is not a perfect fit for you.

You should take your time to shop around when looking for the right office chair. Make sure that you choose a chair that possesses the aforementioned features if you want to be on the safe side. However, If you are looking for an anti-gravity chair as an office chair you can check this top quality anti gravity chair list. With a good chair in your office, you will be guaranteed of improved posture and any pains or aches will be eliminated.


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