Easy Ways to Make Your Chaotic Car Organized

Easy Ways to Make Your Chaotic Car Organized

You are not alone. Everyone at some point or another has been overwhelmed by their chaotic and messy car. But you can prevent this dilemma from ever happening again with the following organization methods and hacks, most of which are cheap ideas that won’t break the bank!

These are easy ways to keep your chaotic car organized and mind at ease:

Keep all important documents in one place 

If ever in the situation of being pulled over, you don’t want to be scrambling to find your vehicle registration and proof of insurance. To save yourself the hassle, keep all important documents in one place, such as a folder in the glove box. Therefore, before an officer gestures for you to roll the window down, you will have everything prepared for them – and hopefully, avoid a ticket!

Utilize travel pouches

Travel pouches aren’t limited to organizing luggage, they’re great for compartmentalizing smaller items in your vehicle such as: spare change, extra toiletries, and medical supplies. We all eventually need emergency gas money or a bandage! Pouches with a purpose will keep you prepared for any situation that arises.

Put food in a shower caddy

When on the road, you’re going to grab a quick bite here and there. Instead of putting food on the car floor or hoping it won’t fly over the seat, pick up a shower caddy at the dollar store and give it a permanent home in your car. By doing so, you can keep your food in a safe place where an accidental spill won’t be a concern. This is especially useful if you have kids who are naturally messy.

Consider getting a phone mount

Whether you’re on a road trip or visiting a new place, getting a phone mount for the car can ease the stress of unfamiliar navigation and prevent distracted driving. Instead of checking your phone for directions at every stoplight, a phone mount keeps the route in front of you at all times. Plus, it makes it easier to switch up music!

Implement a tiny trashcan 

Junk and trash build up easily in a car, so use a tiny trashcan or repurpose an object into one! Examples of repurposed items you can use are a plastic cereal box container with a plastic bag or a paper gift bag. Small things such as wrappers and napkins can easily get thrown to a side compartment or forgotten on the floor, which consequently turns your car into a trash can itself.

Clear out the trunk

The trunk should be just as clean as the interior – this where you store a majority of groceries after all! A great investment to keep it clean is a trunk organizer – especially, one with a cooler. Like fast food in the front seat, you don’t want precious cargo such as a fragile eggs and fruit packages to explode all over the trunk and stain the upholstery.

In conclusion, as long as you stay consistent with organizing and cleaning your car, you never have to feel overwhelmed by a mess again!


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