Getting The Garden Ready For Spring

Getting The Garden Ready For Spring


In a few weeks winter will be gone, and replacing it we will see the wildlife and plants come back to life in our cities. One of the best parts of spring is the appearance of stunning flowers such as daffodils and daisies, and our gardens transform from a rather dull place to an orchestra of colour and texture.

There are of course plenty of ways we need to prepare the home for the warmer season, such as roof maintenance, cleaning the drains and other bits and pieces. However what can we do in the garden to prepare it?

Clean Up

Once summer is gone you will likely not think about your garden as much. As soon as you’ve cut the grass for the last time in the year the garden is left to its own devices, and it can eat pretty messy. Leaves will fall, plants will die off and dry out- and by the time you come back in February you have a job on your hands. It is now you need to take up all of the leaves and twigs, clean the plant beds ready for the bulbs to come up and make sure the weeds are gone.

Garden Tools

Before you start to use your garden tools again you will need to make sure that they are ready for full duty use. It is worth you cleaning them with soapy water and checking to see if you need any new tools before starting work again. This means you won’t be left with any nasty surprises.

Get The Soil Ready

Before you think about planting any new seedlings or shrubs in the garden, you first need to check that the soil is ready. To do this you can get a fork and use it to move the soil around and clear out and weeds which have grown. You will also be able to move any stones which are in the way and create a perfect space for the new plants to grow.

Make a Plan

If you want to carry out some landscaping in your garden this year you will need to start off with a plan, draw out a rough sketch of your garden and plan out where you want everything to go. If you plan to move a large shrub such as a rhododendron, you must do it now before it begins to grow again.   

Maintain It

Your garden isn’t just a one time job, you will need to look after your plants to make sure they stay happy and healthy throughout the spring and summer months. In the late spring it would be a great idea to spread some mulch in the garden to hold down weeds and allow water to be retained for your flowers. Deadheading is something you will want to continue throughout the season to keep your plants healthy. If you can cut your grass once a month during the spring, it will keep you let space looking clean and tidy.


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