8 Best Tips for Planning the Most Memorable Kids Birthday Party

8 Best Tips for Planning the Most Memorable Kids Birthday Party

If there is one thing that you can’t get away with when you fail to live up to it, its preparing a birthday party for your kid, one that will leave him or her fully content. Those parties are a big deal to kids and they always wait for so that they can invite their friends and enjoy the moment. You might think that Easter or Christmas time will excite the kids, but they can’t offer the level of excitement that birthdays do.

That special day is the only one that the kid gets all the attention, and the gifts that come only for him or her. They can talk about the birthdays all year long, and will keep on reminding you of what they expect from you. You hence ought to be equal to the challenge, and come up with a party that will settle the excitement with utmost satisfaction.

Below are some tips that you can use to assist with your planning for your kid’s birthday party. Check them and you might even save the day once by getting your friend out of a birthday fix, may they lack ideas to meet their kid’s expectations.

1. Start by Choosing a Theme

It’s the best starting point when you are planning for that special birthday party. Most of the things revolve around the theme. The cake, décor and invitations will need to match the theme. The choice of the theme however isn’t a tough task, given that it has to match with a thing that your kid loves. You can pick it from the child’s best or latest movie.

A young kid is easier to deal with because you will just pick a few things and ask which he or she loves most, and there you have yourself something to base the theme on.

2. The Guest List

In this you have a number of options. You can invite your kid’s friends but it will be a bit limiting because they might be few. You want the child to enjoy the day, and it’s always great when she or he does it among many friends. You can hence request the friends to come with their siblings. Your child’s brothers and sisters if any can also invite their friends. Another option is to invite his or her entire class to the party.

3. The Birthday Venue

This will mostly be determined by the guest list. If you have enough space in your home, then you need not worry. Almost every concern is taken care of at home. If on the other hand you want to use a different venue, you will need to check things like the number of children it can accommodate, the safety of the children and the cost.

Venues away from home are a bit tricky because being responsible for more than 20 kids out in the public won’t be an easy feat.

4. The Entertainment

Do you want to make the day memorable? Then you need to prepare enough options for entertainment. You will need to keep the visitors active all day or for the time they will be in the party. You can use professional Kids Party Entertainment service providers.

Whether you will have hired a venue or holding the party at home, you will also need to source out for good entertainment. The service providers will certainly offer you the best Kids Party Entertainment that fits your situation.

5. Party Décor

Themed table cloths, serviettes, party plates and cups will serve you well. Do not forget the big winner, the balloons.

6. Proper Food

Kids birthdays are known to only have sweets, cakes, juices and all those sweet things. You however should consider preparing some proper meals for your guests. The best way is to have the food ready before they embark on other sugary things. It’s a great trick to limit them from eating a lot of sweet things.

Finger foods are the best with kids in parties. For that you can prepare pizza, nuggets, chicken, hot dogs and hamburgers. Avoid fancy things because you never know how choosy your guests are.

7. Party Packs

They are usually given to the guests to carry home at the end of the party. They can also practice sharing when still at the party. The packs consist of snacks, sweets, drinks, bubbles, party hats, streamers and other small things that will amuse the kids. To go that extra mile, you may want to get some personalised goodie bags. There are many places such as Tabetha’s Touch which offer a wide range of personalised goods. This will definitely make your child’s party one to remember.

8. Get Help and Be Prepared for The Day

You have many friends yes, but in this case, you will need to call the ones who love kids, or can be responsible around kids. Children in a party who have taken sugary sweets are usually hyper and excited. You can’t handle the situation alone and so you will need to request help from someone who can measure to the challenge.

Be armed with a first aid kit, tissues, wet-wipes and other vital things that you will need during a party. You should also have all the contacts to all the parents whose kids are present at the party.

Be ready for the meltdowns that always happens with young kids. Some will fall asleep early, and they ought to be comfortable before they head home.

Keep pets away because they will be disturbed, or they might scare away kids that aren’t used to pets. Do all you can to keep the party safe and lively.


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