9 Cute, Romantic Valentine’s Day Makeup Ideas

9 Cute, Romantic Valentine's Day Makeup Ideas

Most of us know have come to know the many facets of love through our experiences of it in many forms. All aspects of love come alive on Valentine’s Day, that one special day in the year when we all pay tribute to people we care about the most but, most especially to that gorgeous girl we permit to call us his or her own.

The many faces of Valentine’s Day

You don’t have to have a date to want to be beautiful come February 14 so, listed below are 9 Valentine’s Day makeup ideas that will leave even your own jaw dropped at the very sight of you.

Look No. 1: Foxy look. Don’t ever say we didn’t warn you about this look. It may be easy to apply the right cosmetics to get this look — flattering eyelashes, captivating eyes and inviting, bold red lips. However, getting the attitude that matches is another matter. That said, if you don’t feel absolutely confident about being thought of as a temptress, try another look.

Look No. 2:  Wet look. For this look, the secret is in the oiled hair and the lustrous complexion. To get the face, treat your face well with layer after layer of oil-free moisturizers to keep your complexion from greasing. Use a sheer, lightweight, shimmery BB Cream to get instantly glowing skin. Use a combination of eyeliner pencils in black and white to line your eyes with. Open up your eyes by getting curled up eyelashes. End your routine with a nude matte lipstick.

Look No. 3: Expressive look. How best can you say “I swear I couldn’t love you more than I do right now, and yet I know I will tomorrow,” as was written by writer, Leo Christopher? Create expressive eyes with a tantalizing pair of color contact lenses. Open your eyes by curling up your mascara.

Look No. 4: Dreamy look. Make your date seem like he’s just seen a goddess in you by creating a subtly worn, fantasy-inspired makeup that won’t make you look like you’re ready for a Halloween Party. First, moisturize your skin well. Wear a lightweight BB cream with shimmer. Then, frame your eyebrows using eye pencil or powder with light strokes only. Use pastel colored eyeliners and eyeshadows only. Unevenly stain your lips.

Look No. 5: Mattified look. Out of all the Valentine’s Day make up tips in this list, this one requires some practice. Begin by treating your skin with water-based moisturizers that will help it withstand the dryness of matte. Put on a matte foundation, concealer then contouring and highlighting powder. Work out full eyebrows like a gradient. Use light blush on your cheeks. End the routine with a nude matte lipstick in your skin tone.

Look No. 6: Fresh look. Great skin is the center piece of this creation so be selective with your skin creams and serums. Use a shimmer powder or a BB cream with shimmer for your complexion. Stick to the barely there pinks, peaches and pastels.

Look No. 7: No makeup look. Like the fresh look, skin treatments are a must to achieve this look. Cover up is minimal, with only a transluscent powder to put on. Make sure that your eyebrows are trimmed well. Use eyelash extensions to do away with mascara. No eyeliner required. Use a very light lip stain.

Look No. 8: Old Hollywood look. For this look, a sandy finish to your complexion and pigments is the next best kept secret to the vintage, wavy hair. To achieve this look, use a matte foundation or a loose powder foundation. For your eye pigments, stick to bright blues and fuchsias in their powder form. Wear your lips in either bright pink satin or full on red.

Look No. 9: Princess of Darkness look. Set out the natural temptress in you without looking too inviting. Pair dark eyeliners with dark eye shadows to create depth and mystery in your eyes. Use blood red lipstick.


It doesn’t matter who you’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day with or, if you’ll even be celebrating it at all. The thing is, the V-Day fever will catch up on you no matter what how much of a V-Day hater you are. Why? Because everybody will be looking polished and all prepped for a date. You wouldn’t want to be left sticking out like a sore thumb, do you?


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