5 Tips to Improving Your Home

5 Tips to Improving Your Home

If you have been living in the same house or just bought a house that needs fixing, it is natural to want to improve your home. However, there is always a problem when trying to improve your home – money and the fact that it does not grow on trees. Until you win a lottery or get a windfall, you will have to do home improvements on a budget. There are many affordable ideas to try. Buying countertops, floor fittings or new walls could cost several thousand but sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference in bringing life to your home. Your home could be neatly furnished but could still be missing that mysterious touch that makes it feel like your home rather than someone else’s. Here is how to put your home together.

1. Create your own personality.

Ditch the Pinterest board, TV shows or magazines; quit try to making your house look like one you saw on TV or in a magazine. Collect all the decorative items that you really love – objects that you connect with – antiques that smell, feel and ooze your style. These objects could be lying within your house, outdoor or on a thrift store. The items could be small or big but should be cool enough to embody you in terms of color, texture or scent. Sort the best items and discard the clutter from your collection. Whatever remains is the masterpiece collection. Place the pieces at selected places in each room to build a coordinated theme.

2. Work on your kitchen

The kitchen is the heart and soul of the house, if we did not have one, we would never eat. If you are stuck with 10-year old appliances, we recommend that you start upgrading them. Buy quality fixtures like stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. Cheap repairs like laminate on kitchen appliances are highly discouraged. If you cannot manage appliance upgrades, try a cosmetic facelift. Painting and cosmetic updates can be done in a kitchen that is in a decent shape. If the entire appliance is in decent shape, you could coat appliances with electrostatic paint to give it a classy metallic finish.

3. Take care of superficial problems

There are problems that may be somehow critical in your home like peeling paint, faulty knobs, dripping taps, bad plumbing, damaged windows or cracks in the ceiling.

If you want to sell your home, no buyer will willingly purchase it with these faults. Solve the problems before you list the property or open your home up for viewing. Experts like plumbingforce.co.uk can sort out all plumbing needs in your home.

4. Landscaping

The front yard is the face of your home and it is the first place to make improvement on.  How do you determine what to upgrade in your front yard? Take a stroll around the neighborhood. As you approach your home, skim through your front yard in 10 seconds, whatever does not tickle your fancy, needs an uplift as soon as possible. Most home buyers get to make decisions in 8 seconds and after that they’ve either fallen in love with your house or not. Plant flowers like petunias that will bloom all summer or put a hedge around your home. Planting trees is not only meant for aesthetic, but to help reduce erosions and filter groundwater pollutants. With outdoor upgrades, come perennial costs that you must foot.

5. Change the lampshades and curtains

Curtains and lampshades may look small but these details make a huge difference. Shop for lampshades that build on your home theme so that there is cohesiveness in your style. Change the one-inch vinyl blinds to two-inch wood blinds; they give your home a greater aesthetic feel.


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