The 5 top shops to buy clothes online in 2018

The 5 top shops to buy clothes online in 2018

The technological advancements made in the 21st Century have truly made it easy for us to shop. Frankly speaking, shopping no longer requires a trip to the mall. It is possible for you to shop for anything online these days including clothes. Isn’t it fantastic and wonderful that shopping can now be done from the comfort of your bed? Without straying away from the topic any further, here are the top 5 shops to buy clothes online in 2018! The list isn´t in any particular order.

1. ShopStyle

If you are looking for a new addition to your wardrobe, you should look no further than ShopStyle. ShopStyle is available for free on both iOS and Android devices. And, the app does an exceptional job of connecting you to over 20 million items from various different retailers and brands. It is even possible for you to set alerts for your favorite items to get alerts when they go on sale. If you want to look for a specific category of item, it is even possible for you to filter your search and narrow down the results.

2. Zara

What´s great about the brand, Zara, is the fact that it has its own app. Through the app, you can easily keep track of fresh arrivals. In addition to that, the app also boasts of a built-in barcode scanner that provides instant information on your in-store finds. The app is available for download on iOS and Android platforms and it is completely free!


What´s not to love about ASOS? The mega e-retailer offers a wide selection of trendy and affordable fashion items all the year round. And, you won´t have to pay shipping fees if your order exceeds $40. Isn´t that wonderful? If you download the ASOS app, you can sync it to your Apple watch for sale alerts. Now, isn´t that the dream for shopaholics all over the world?

4. Rent the runway

If you don’t like wearing the same dress or outfit to every event, you should definitely give Rent the Runway a try. As its name implies, the app allows you to rent everything from formal gowns to cocktail dresses to accessories at a discounted price. You will no longer have to spend a fortune on a gown anymore. If you have an unlimited membership, you can rent up to three items for a flat monthly fee.

5. Plus2Clothing tall tees

If you are looking for tall tees online, you should start and stop your search at The site features a wide range of tall tees in different colors, shapes, styles, and designs. This store is especially for you if you are vertically gifted. Plus2Clothing tall tees store boasts of longer length clothing that is affordable, stylish and comfortable.  


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