Photo Booth Trends For 2018

Photo Booth Trends For 2018

Despite the popularity of selfies and Instagram, photo booths are still the most recommended event instant photography solutions.  In the recent years, the interest in photo booths has grown by leaps and bounds. In the beginning, these booths were mostly of interest to people hosting social parties. Today, the interest has grown and its use is seen in most corporate events too. While most people would expect the trend to eventually die off, this is far from the truth.

The photo booth craze will become bigger and better in 2018; a prime example of a market where this is especially booming is seen with photo booth hire in Sydney (as well as other places around the world). Here is why.

Photo Booth Trends to Look Out For In 2018

Animated Gif Features   

Video content is fast becoming a leading content format. One way to make photo booths fun for users is by incorporating the use of fun, easy to share animated picture features. Animated GIFs features in photo booths are sure to trend in 2018.

Customized Photo Booths

Having a photo booth that matches the event’s theme or company brand is an easy way of elevating the guest experience while at the same time increasing opportunities for sponsorship for the company hosting the event.

Glam Booths  

If you are hosting a social event, glam booths will have a great effect on your party pictures. Use of glam photo booths for social events is expected to become a huge thing in 2018. Glam booths enable guests to take magazine cover ready images that can be shared instantly with the world.

Use of Creative Filters

One way to win against Instagram and snap chat in 2018 is for photo booths to offer the same or better filters than those offered by these apps. Filters are a good way of turning the ordinary into extraordinary.

The Leaf Blower Experience  

Using of leaf blowers on guest faces while taking pictures in a photo booth is slowly catching on. It gives amazing still images and the GIFs from this effect will make you shed a tear. It is a perfect photo booth experience for all types of events. As a matter of fact, it has become a hit for corporate events.  

Projector Booths

This is an upgrade from the stationary backdrops commonly used in photo booths. Projector booths allow users to become part of the backdrop by projecting amazing images on the user to create a memorable and unique experience.

Users can create the videos they would want to use ad their background or choose from an array of videos available as backdrops to be projected.

Ipad Booths

Also referred to as selfies stand, they have been around for a while but are only starting to gain popularity. Ipad booths allow users to place branded props on set where photos can be taken. They are perfect for multiday activations. They allow users to take fun, branded photos or GIFs and send to their emails or Smartphone. They are also great for digital marketing.

Set Design Booths   

For people looking to go above and beyond backdrops and mustaches, set design booths are becoming a hit in 2018. They are particularly popular for themed parties. You dress the set in theme and make it possible for guests to take pictures in theme. You can recreate scenes on the booth set in any theme.

Benefit of Photo Booths in Business

Digital Content Creation

The reason photo booths are loved by many is that they allow the guests to go home with the images. With the development of technology, it is now possible to send the images directly to the guest’s Smartphone, tablet or computer in real time. When this happens, the individual can upload the image to social media. With a catchy hash tag, you can have your event and company trending in a matter of minutes.

Within no time, the posts will attract social engagement in terms of likes, shares, and comments. This is one of the easiest ways to create digital content and direct traffic to your website without having to pay for advertisement. A photo booth offers a platform where brands can start brand awareness campaigns or marketing campaigns that will keep the discussion going for a long time.

Creating Brand Awareness

Following up from the first point, photo booths can be a good way to create brand awareness while ensuring they maintain a fun and positive side to it. People are drawn to anything creatively done. Having your brand on a photo booth will definitely arouse curiosity. You can simply have a photo booth cover to bear your company name, logo and colors.

You can also use overlays on photos. You can have slideshows of the images showing throughout your event as the images are sent directly to the recipients. This will leave a lasting impression on your guests. When they take their photos, they will be sure to take your company logo along with it.

Entertainment Purposes and Recommendation

Away from the technicality of it all, photo booths are generally fun to be in. when used as one at a function it allows the guests to momentarily escape the stresses of life and just enjoy the moment. This is a good way to leave a lasting impression. Placing photo booths at events is a good way to create a space where guests can create memories and have fun while at it.

In the world today, most people are likely to buy into an idea based on recommendations. When guests share images having fun your brand automatically trends and this counts as a recommendation to anyone who comes across the trending pictures. This is much better than a forced recommendation or a fake review.

Simplicity in Marketing

In the business world today, corporations spend millions and also a lot of time trying to get the perfect marketing strategy to use. Photo booths can create the same effect for any company with a fraction of the money and time dedication. Once a photo booth is purchased, you only need to create a branded cover for the booth and hire one person to run it.


The use of photo booths looks promising in 2018. Advancements in technology are sure to make it a trendy feature for any party.

Samantha is a Marketing blogger and content creator at Booth Nation


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