Tips on Home Improvement which Increases Your Home Security

Tips on Home Improvement which Increases Your Home Security

Home security is something which is increasingly on people’s minds, especially since the world seems to be becoming a more dangerous place, but luckily it can be quite easy to make your own home more secure. Most people think that an alarm system is the best way to go forward, and while it can help, it isn’t the be all and end all that everyone thinks of it as.

People who want to improve their own security should make sure that they have lights on their property. It doesn’t matter if they are light activated or work on motion sensors, have something which lights your property if it senses that something is amiss. Positive security is all about working towards making things safer than before, and a lit up property will attract attention while at the same time potentially scaring away anybody who is coming to your property with bad intentions.

Another way to improve your security is to make sure that your security cameras have linear actuators in them – this will allow you to focus on cameras which have a greater range of movement. The advantages of this are two-fold: one advantage is that the cameras have a greater range of motion, and so can see more with little effort. The other advantage is that, since the cameras have a greater degree of motion available to them, they don’t need to be so obvious to the naked eye.

The next time you need to replace your garden fence, don’t go for something flimsy and easy to break through. Choose fencing which is sturdy and difficult to compromise – for the best results build it flush with the walls or fences which are on either side of it, as this will create a good barrier. Fences and gates which are difficult to open or climb can be a fairly effective deterrent to somebody who is attempting to gain access to your property.

If you absolutely have to store keys outside, for the love of heaven don’t put them under a plant pot. Key safes are the best option, and there are huge numbers of them available. Put the key safe in an unobtrusive place, and be absolutely sure that the only person who knows about the code to get into the key safe is the person (or people) who needs access).

This is slightly more high-tech than other options, but it is a good idea if you have the time. The next time you are upgrading your security system, pick one which allows for remote access – that way, when the lights or camera pick up movement, they will automatically send their camera feed and additional information to either your mobile device, or possibly your TV, letting you see what is happening on your property. Being able to see this, you can then make decisions more quickly, and possibly save your house from being burgled before the burglar can even make their entrance.


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