Factors to Be Considered While Choosing the Perfect Dining Table for Your Family

Factors to Be Considered While Choosing the Perfect Dining Table for Your Family

Our dining rooms have fond memories attached to it most of the time. The dining table has been an important part of those memories. From doing homework, drawing or painting a picture, playing indoor or board games, solving a puzzle, blowing out candles and cutting a birthday cake, to enjoying family meals, having a hearty laugh with your family and friends, hosting a party, having fun over Christmas dinner, and the list goes on and on.

The main thing is that a dinner table is an important part of every home. It’s also one piece of furniture if rightly chosen, that continues to be an investment for generations. If you are living in your ancestral home it’s most likely that you are still using that furniture that has been in use more than a hundred years ago. Even if you have replaced some, the dining table would never be a part of the furniture you’ve replaced because most of these houses have tables that were perfectly handcrafted using the best possible wood available during those times. Dining tables still continue to be a perfect investment if chosen wisely. Here are some tips to consider while choosing one.

Space available and the shape of the table

Space is a major problem for most of the homes, especially if you are living in an apartment. With the help of a furniture designer one can carefully design a dining table that suits your home perfectly. You can decide on a round table if you have the issue of space. Lack of sharp edges makes these tables more child-friendly. If your home is large enough to host some extra guests you can choose a bigger table that’s rectangular in shape. The rectangular table also works if space is narrow and you could also opt for one that has leaves attached to it. A square table works well with a modern home.

Material for your table

Consider the kind of materials that have been used to set up your home and pick something that goes with it so that the dining table would not look out of place. If your house has a traditional or country style it’s always best to opt for a wooden table designed according to your taste and space available. If your home is contemporary or modern looking it’s best to decide on a trendy looking table that’s made of synthetic material or one that has a glass top with metal or wooden legs. Tables with a textured surface are also in good demand these days. Always keep in mind that nothing is more lasting than a perfect wooden table made out of the best quality wood.

Extendable or foldable dining tables

Considering the lack of space in modern homes or apartments and thinking of ways to save the already available space in one’s home, a number of tables that are innovative in design are available in the markets today. Tables that are extendable, concealed, disguised and foldable are few of them which are suitable for any spaces. A small corner table becomes a perfect dining table when you unfold it.  Some of these tables also come in with a split use where one end can be used as a work desk.  Tables with storage spaces that are hidden from view are available today in the markets.

One of the best ways to save space is opting for a table with a drop-down mechanism where the table is fitted inside walls.  Inserting extra segments or leaves into the table will help you extend it when there are extra people to fit in and expandable dining tables from Home and Timber could help you decide on the right ones to choose.

Size and placement of the table

Decide on the size of your table depending on the number of people at home. If you are planning to have extra guests you could opt for a bigger table or one that is extendable depending on the space available. Make sure that your table placement leaves enough space around for people to sit in a chair and also to move.

Decide on the right color

When it comes to tables, brown is the color that seems to dominate. But you can choose between any colors like black, red, white or beige depending on what suits your room.

Your dining table is going to be part of most of the good memories at home. Invest wisely and make it an asset to your family and the generations to come.


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