Must Have Pieces of Running Gear

Must Have Pieces of Running Gear

Running is a simple sport: you take off, start moving, and get from point A to point B in a time that is both as fast as possible for you but also reasonable in terms of maintaining a pace…it has to be sustainable. At first glance, this seems simple.

However, invest some time, effort, and energy into the sport and you start to realize how much really goes into perfecting the art of running. There is getting your stride down, your form, your cadence your heel strike, etc…not to mention all of the helpful equipment that can be used to make your art a science.

That is correct: EQUIPMENT is needed in the proper capacity to be an effective and progressive running. That said, these are the Must-Have pieces of running gear that any series runner needs to improve and make it long term in the sport.

1. Compression sleeves

Whether it is a full-length sock, a full-length pant, calf sleeves, low-rise compression socks, or a Knee Compression Sleeve, having the right types of compression sleeves can save your circulation and also help to ward off injury (and help to heal existing injuries as well). Get yourself a nice pair of compression sleeves if you want your blood to circulate and let your body heal itself from those long and brutal sessions.

2. GPS watch or app

Having an accurate app or even a GPS watch for running can do more than just make you LOOK and feel the part…it can also help you learn about your patterns and improve your overall running capacity. From tracking your cadence (for the optimal stride and speed), to tracking your heart rate (to know your aerobic capacity and current limitations), to tracking the overall distance you are running, a good GPS watch or a great app for your phone are easy-to-recoup investments for your time as a runner.

3. Properly fitted running shoes

When many casual runners think of the proper shoe for their running hobby, they think about getting the latest pair of Nike or Under Armour shoes to help them run faster and look smoother. However, any semi-serious runner will be able to tell you that getting properly fitted for your running shoes to determine your pronation, your heel to toe ratio, your level of arch support required, and etc…is probably the sole most important part and sole most important piece of running equipment that you can ever invest in. Save yourself the back and knee issues and invest in a pair of properly fitted running shoes to get the most out of your long running career.

4. Proper fitting clothing

Last but probably not least is the proper types of clothing for running. I am sure I have mentioned it before in a previous post, but running clothes that are too baggy will flop around and slow you down while running clothes that are too tight will mess with your breathing rhythm and make it difficult for you to perform at an optimal rate. Invest in clothing that fits properly and is also made of the correct polyester types of material so that you can breathe while running and also stay dry and ready for the next mine.


That’s my list of the Must-Have pieces of running equipment. Again, I know you may not think of running as a sport that requires a lot of equipment. But the truth is that your body is a precious tool to take care of; and without the proper pieces of equipment, the running (although great cardio exercise), will slowly where your joints and your body down until it is too difficult to continue throughout the years.

Get the right gear for running and treat your body to a long career of improvement and enjoying the wonderful sport of running!


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