How to Say Goodbye to Your Electricity Woes?

How to Say Goodbye to Your Electricity Woes?

You should always prepare yourself and home for any chance of a blackout. As much as candles and torches can help with a little bit of light, they cannot power-up any home appliance like lights, mobile phones, laptops, and television.

Therefore, you will need to invest in some alternative power source that can work with your electrical appliances without any issue. Here are some products you can use to get rid of your electricity woes at home and work.

1.     Pure Sine Wave Inverter

This is the best choice of an inverter, due to its sine wave technology that can power up different kinds of electronic appliances. Besides, it works just like your home electric current, changing DC to AC power smoothly.

Moreover, pure sine wave inverter can power sensitive appliances, be it small or big.  It ensures that your electrical appliances get quality output. Nonetheless, most modern appliances are designed to work with it. Likewise, you can use if off-grid and is one essential item for a functional home solar system.

On the same note, when buying this type of inverter, you should check its wattage and see if it can work with your home and work appliances. Always go for one with a higher wattage, for unlimited use. You can check out this list of top 10 best pure sine wave inverters.

2.     Portable Generator

Portable generators can be of real help in case of an emergency power blackout, as they can be manually connected or auto-connected to your power system. Besides, you can carry them anywhere, be it camping, boat or road trip.

Apart from powering your whole home, you can even use it to power heavy-duty machinery and tools for work or leisure. You just have to ensure it can power up everything that is important in your homes like a freezer and a refrigerator.

Besides, always ensure it has well-stocked fuel source be it propane or gasoline. However, gasoline spoils faster so opt for propane. It has a long shelf life.

3.     Solar Energy

This is the best way to store energy on a daily basis, especially if you live in a sunny place. You just have to buy the right size, in terms of output wattage and an inverter.

It is important you opt for an inverter with a pure sine wave as opposed to a modified sine wave. This is because a pure sine wave inverter can work well with most appliances in your home, even the sensitive ones, without blowing up.

Besides, if you get an inverter with some extra USB ports you can charge your mobile phone and other small devices there.

4.     Wind Power

Wind power is also another source of power that uses almost the same equipment as that of a solar energy in order to operate. However, instead of the panels, it makes use of a generator. Its generator consists of three blades that are mounted on a pole. A charger controller then stabilizes its voltage and current.

Moreover, wind power relies on blowing wind and can be generated at any time be it day or night. This is good but also makes it very unreliable unless you live in a very windy place or you are off the grid. Otherwise, it is the most cost-effective means of generating power. You can even install it yourself.

5.     Heat Pumps

A heat pump usually heats water using a heating tech similar to those found in air conditioners. It can easily convert one unit of electrical energy into three units of heat energy. You can place it outside your home and connect it to a geyser, using it, the geyser, as a hot water reservoir.


There you have it, no more worries in case of a blackout. You should actually pray for one, in order to make use of some of these power sources. The more you learn the better.


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