Healthy Living: How to Safely Increase your Energy Levels

Healthy Living: How to Safely Increase your Energy Levels

Life is hectic and dealing low energy levels can diminish your productivity. It is common for people to be overwhelmed by fatigue as the day goes on and have the urge to take a nap that will wake them up. This is usually due to insulin, cortisol and glucose levels beginning to dip, which make you feel lethargic and sleepy.

Since midday naps are a luxury that few individuals can have every day, there are different things that you can do to increase your energy. There are also different ways to make it through day and prevent you from feeling exhausted.


  • Sometimes a little motivation is all you need to make you feel energized. Consider putting on your favorite cheerful music.
  • A fast beat can give you the feeling of being more energetic. You can also turn up the volume slightly as a way to instantly get you out of your weary mood. If you cannot listen to loud music within your setting, using headphones will ensure you do not bother anyone.
  • Try to hum or sing along to the song, which will compel your brain to focus and concentrate instead of allowing your mind to wander off.

Afternoon Snacks 

A small but filling afternoon snack can give your body the boost of energy and nutrition it needs. Make sure that you choose the right kind of snack that will keep you feeling energized for the rest of the day. Learn more about top legal steroids for sale here.

  • Complex carbs and protein are good choices for snacks. Protein increases vigor and keeps you full. Complex carbs help to prevent rapid spikes in blood sugar and are high in fiber. The combination of protein and complex carbs is great for an afternoon snack.
  • Try out snack options such as hummus, carrots, low-fat yogurt, cheese sticks, oatmeal and pieces of fruit. Dark chocolate is a beneficial substitute for high-sugar snacks such as desserts, sweetened beverages and candy. These types of snacks cause blood sugar to rapidly rise and crash, which leads to additional fatigue.
  • Avoid foods that are high in fat because they are harder to digest and likely to make you feel tired.

Cold Water 

A splash of cold water on your face can provide instant relief. Wash away the stress of the day fro your mind with a refreshing splash of cold water all over your face and neck. This can wake you up and improve your focus. When you begin to feel sleepy or sluggish, splashing water for some minutes will help you feel more alert.   Cold morning showers are also recommended when you need to ease stress and wake up.


It only takes a brief moment to enjoy the sensation of stretching and become revitalized. Stretching can help you wake up, relax and eliminate stress. While you are at work it is easy for your body to stiffen up, especially if your job involves sitting at a desk most of the time. Getting up and stretching will relax your body. Seated twists, side stretches, reaching upwards, neck rolls and touching your toes are some of the stretches you can try.


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