Can You Give Your Cat Human Food?

what human food can cats eat?

Lots of people wonder if they can give their cat human food without damaging their health. Well, you’ll be happy to know there are lots of human foods that your cat can consume without having to take a trip to see the vet. With that in mind, take a quick read through this short post to learn more. You can also check the infographic out at the bottom of this page.

Cats can eat eggs

All cats need a lot of protein and vitamin B to ensure their bones remain healthy and they don’t encounter illnesses. While there are specialist cat foods that contain those nutrients, eggs are a suitable substitute. So, the next time you boil some on your stove, make sure you cook one extra for the cat.

Cats can eat turkey

Enriched meat protein helps to ensure your feline friend remains in the best condition possible. Indeed, that is why so many of their favourite food brands contain that nutrient. Turkey and some other meats are safe for your cat, and so you should feel free to cook it for them whenever you like.

Cats can eat cheese

High in calcium and protein, cheese is the perfect human food to give to your cat if you find them staring at the dinner table every time you make a snack. Cheddar and Swiss cheese work best, but your cat should also enjoy gouda.

Now you know about some of the human foods your cat can consume; it’s time to vary their diet and ensure they get all the nutrients their body needs to remain in perfect health. If you want to learn more, take a look at the infographic.

what human food can cats eat?
Graphic title  what human food can cats eat?


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