How Removals Take the Stress Out of the Move

How Removals Take the Stress Out of the Move

Moving for whatever reason is a strenuous exercise. If you know of anyone who lovestomove, you may have happened upon an alien life form. Moving induces headaches and anxiety and can give you the worst case of insomnia! So, if you come across a moving company that has a dedicated team of removalists, you thank your lucky stars.

Reputable removalists will offer affordability and security. You need to be certain that your property will be safe and in good condition when it gets to your new home. That is what a moving company like Platinum Removals offers you.

Most movers offer these services:

No extra fees for weekend moves

  • Affordability and reliability
  • Quality
  • Extra services

Could things get better? On top of all this, removalists listen to you. You might have a special budget for reasons best known to you. A removalist company worth its salt will work with what you have and try their best to customize your moving experience to fit your budget.


A reputable removalistis dedicated to providing clientswiththe best experience. This is what you get:

  • Affordable removal and relocation charges

You can opt for two men and a truck or three men and atruck at different charges. An additional mover will set you back $60 per hour. All charges are inclusive of GST.

  • Packing andunpacking services

You are given two packers and free boxes for a maximum of three hours.

  • Minimum charge of two hours per job

Additional time is charged at intervals of 15 minutes. On weekends, there is a minimum of three hours.

  • The call out fee is charged once and is added to your relocation costs.


A lot of removalist companies combine moving with storage. Getting removalists who can handle your fragile items with care is the dream of everyone. They ensure that your belongings are removed and packed neatly and delicately. A team of removalists will take care ofthem during the haul and store them for you, ensuring that everything is safe. The staff is well trained to handle even the most sensitive of items.

Packing services

It gets even better! The moving services come with packers who assist you to sort your items and pack them into storage boxes before the truck arrives. Theythen help you load everything up into the storage pods and ensure that your breakables are well padded and efficiently positioned to preventbreakage. If you need them to be stored for a while, then that is what they will do for you. Your stuff will be safely stored until you are ready for it.

All you have to do is play supervisor…or director, if you will. You lean against the wall and give orders. You will get things done without breaking a sweat! A company that offers both moving and storage services could not have come at a better time. Sometimes you need some items stored for a while until you have space for them.

Planning a move and stressing about the accompanying stress that comes with it makes you appreciate companies like Platinum Removals, who make the moving process a convenient, and even fun undertaking.


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