Dorm Room Saving Hacks

Dorm Room Saving Hacks


Being a student can be expensive. It’s a strange feeling the first time you move into a dorm and realise you have to buy your own spices, toilet roll and bleach. The costs of living in a dorm can mount up pretty quickly, but here are some ways to save you money.

1. Make coffee at home

Think about all of those Starbucks coffees you’ve bought on the way to your 9am lectures? Each time it costs you a few dollars. But if you are getting a coffee every single day the costs will add up really quickly. Rather than spending dollars each day buying a coffee, buy a cheap coffee press and make one yourself each morning. You can even add some syrups if you really want to vamp it up. 

2. Air dry clothes

The first few times you do your own laundry it can feel a bit strange, and you might not realise how much power drying your clothes actually uses up. Rather than using the tumble dryer, but some cheap maidens from the store and hang your clothes up around the house and on radiators. It will take longer for them to dry but it will save you a ton in bills.

3. Shop in your cupboards

Rather than running to the store every time you need a certain spice or one ingredient for a meal, try finding an alternative in your cupboards. Try your best to always write you shopping list as thoroughly as possible. It is when you forget things and go back to the store that the costs end up rising and rising.

4. Mind your heating and cooling costs.

Heating in the winter and air conditioning in the summer can quickly add up. Make sure you’re always aware of how cool or hot your place is, and thus how much you’ll be spending on it and if it’s worth it. Remember you can always put on a cozy sweater or drink something iced instead of fidgeting with the temperature.

5. Buy in bulk

Costco is a store which should start to become very familiar to your when you are a student. By buying things like meat, pasta, rice and tinned foods in bulk you will save yourself a huge amount of money in the long run. If you need some help affording the beaver shopping list, you can look at the best credit card for college students and then just pay it back when you get paid at the end of the month.

6. Use Netflix

Rather than forking out for cable TV each month, you could be paying $8 for a Netflix account. Netflix has a huge library of films and TV shows so you will never run out of things to watch, and if you have a friend who already has an account, you can ask to use theirs! It will mean that you get free TV without having to worry about those extra bills at the end of the month.


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