Money Savings Tips for Your Next Family Vacation

Money Savings Tips for Your Next Family Vacation

Vacations are a great way for you and your family to relax and bond while seeing new sights. However, the cost of the average family vacation isn’t cheap, and little expenses can add up during your trip that you may not have planned for. Make your next family vacation one to remember by using these money-saving tips.

Travel Off Season

Many people head to the same locations during peak times, such as spring break, over Christmas, and the first couple weeks of summer vacation. This can create a demand for certain hot spots and drive costs up. If you can, try taking your vacation during the off season, when tourists aren’t as likely to frequent popular vacation spots. Not only will it be less crowded, but you can also save money on overall costs.

Make Your Meals

Part of the enjoyment of vacation is taking time off from grocery shopping and cooking. However, making at least some of your own meals can save you quite a bit of money you’d otherwise spend in pricey restaurants.

Pack Light

If you’re planning to use air travel to get to your destination, you can save money on vacation by packing light to avoid the added costs associated with bringing checked luggage. If you can manage to carry everything you need in a carry on, you could see substantial savings.

Use Public Transit

When you’re visiting a new place, it can be intimidating to navigate the landscape, and when you want to maximize your time by getting where you want to go quickly, you’re more likely to take taxis. The cost of cabs can really add up, so instead consider grabbing an old-fashioned map and using the subway or bus to get where you want to go.

Chat with Locals

Nobody knows the local landscape better than those who live there. Chat with residents when possible for recommendations of hidden gems that tourists may not be aware of, and to see if they have any tips that could save you money, such as museums being free after five or free public events in the local park.

Stay in a Nearby Town

If you’re not interested in being right in the middle of a touristy area or are willing to commute, staying at a nearby town can save you some cash. Nearby destinations are often less sought after due to their proximity, however, hotels can be much less expensive which often makes the tradeoff worth it.

Your next family vacation doesn’t have to be a dreaded event if you’re willing to use these money-saving tips. With a little planning ahead, you and your family can have an enjoyable trip while saving cash, which eases the buyer’s remorse many vacationers feel once their trip is over.


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