Outdoor Lighting Looks That Will Take Their Breath Away

Outdoor Lighting Looks That Will Take Their Breath Away

Nothing surpasses the look of outdoor lighting for your yard on a cool summers evening. To inspire you, we’ve searched out the top 10 most breathtaking looks in outdoor lighting to turn your backyard into an oasis.

Turn Up Glam

Outdoor Lighting Looks That Will Take Their Breath Away wedding

Glittering chandeliers, oozing with crystals, has long been the epicenter of dining elegance, however, why can’t you make this statement outdoors? A chandelier is an ideal way to add some sophistication to the backyard oasis this year and you can hardwire it into your existing gazebo, your porch, or your pergola. The best thing of all is that there isn’t a need to use electricity for this look. You can use a secondhand chandelier and stick candles, and you can use this ambient lighting in any area.

Go Low Voltage

Outdoor Lighting Looks That Will Take Their Breath Away bulbs

For those new on the scene, outdoor lighting is one of the easiest things to use in the DIY scene and installing a low voltage method is ideal as a beginning step. Low voltage lighting is ideal for beginners, low voltage lighting can readily light the walkway, the garden, and even dark areas of the yard to offer more security. The soft glow will give a beautiful ambiance to the yard and light up the greatest features of the yard. Homeowners can also use solar lighting and harness the power of the sun to make it easier on the budget.

Create Your Own Magical Oasis

Design and create your own magical oasis in your yard and customize it. There are a variety of ways including inexpensive canning jars, sand, craft wire, and you can have fairly lights that hang from nearly any surface. Seek out an anodized aluminum wire that won’t easily rust and will resist tarnish which makes it an ideal choice for such a cart. Replace the sand with colored craft sand and you’ll have a unique one of a kind theme.

Build It In

It’s easy and inexpensive to add outdoor lighting by built-ins for your outdoor area including your deck. You can learn valuable tips and tricks that don’t require electrical skills to use and come up with lit handrails and stairways that will offer both functionality and safety. A professional tip: protect the wood posts and use an additional element to light up the space using solar-powered end caps.

Get The LED Out

Today, more than ever before, there’s simply no shortage of innovative outdoor lighting choices to select from, this makes it easier than ever to choose your own unique style. Regardless of whether you’re trying for a magical look or just a lit area to enjoy some family time, you can find what you’re looking for. from remote control lawn globes or softer subtle methods. Long lasting lighting is easy to rearrange and LED lights will have a variety of functions that work well.

Make Them Float

Outdoor Lighting Looks That Will Take Their Breath Away pool floating

Should you be lucky and have a water source such as a pool or a water feature, you can add a unique element of surprise to your look, floating lights. You can use store-bought options that are easy to toss into the water and add in some glam, for a unique effect, you can flex your muscle and create customized designs.

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Brandon loves the lighting – from studio to lawn lighting. He was an interior designer by profession but chose to practice a different job. At night, he loves watching the night sky as he believes this is the most wonderful light.


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