What to wear during pregnancy?

What to wear during pregnancy?

Who says you can’t be fashionable and comfortable while pregnant? Reworking on your wardrobe and considering a couple or more things will definitely make you love your new look as a pregnant woman. While dressing could be a more challenging task during this time, choosing the right pieces of clothing can help flatter all those curves.

Remember, even the trendiest mom-to-be will have a body that is always changing. Suddenly, you will feel that your jeans and skirts no longer fit. But what if you are not still ready for those maternity dresses? Don’t fret momma! We got helpful tips below so you can stay stylish and comfy while rocking that baby bump.

Proper Layering – you can embrace your bump without wearing clothes that are two sizes larger. The stomach will fit but other areas will appear baggy and larger. It is important to know your proportions and body frame as well. You can still use V-neck tops or camisoles and blazers.

No to oversized shirts– seriously, most moms we know have an oversized sweatshirt as their go-to outfit. Your husband’s sweatpants might be cozy but there are other alternatives to that such as dresses, leggings and Jersey knits. Investing in these types of clothes is highly advisable.

Revisit your underwear and bras– the breasts tend to become larger and bulkier when a woman is conceiving a baby. Hence, it is crucial to buy the proper type of bra that offers support and comfort. Set aside that pretty lacy stuff and buy a new one. Sports bras are the best options.

Also, choose panties that are made of cotton to keep you cool and dry. This will reduce your risk of acquiring yeast infection which is normal among pregnant women.

Dresses and skirts are your best friends- wearing these will give you plenty of benefits. Aside from flattering those curves, it will be easier for you to move and participate in daily activities. They are perfect to wear during summer or warmer months.

We also love the fact that you can mix and match and combine another different wardrobe with a dress or a skirt to come up a new look. These are also versatile and can be pair with just anything you have in your closet like a scarf, a jacket or a cardigan.

Maternity pants are also essential– buying a great pair of maternity pants should be part of your to-do list. We consider them highly essential all throughout the nine months of waiting for your baby. You will probably wear them as well during your first two to three postpartum months.

Pants are the most basic outfit that can be paired with other dozens of items in your wardrobe. Choose the one with wide elastic bands or side panels to accommodate your growing belly.

What to wear during pregnancy? in red

Don’t forget the belly bands! – While others are not a fan of belly bands, this item is beneficial in so many ways. It is perfectly designed to give support to a pregnant mom’s midsection. They are stretchy hence, they “grow” with your little one.

Manufacturers claim that belly bands are wardrobe extenders. It allows moms-to-be to still fit in their pre-pregnant clothes or work like a bridge, covering their tummy as it enlarges. Moreover, this item promotes proper posture and gives support without being too restrictive on the mother’s movements.

More than being a great fashion accessory, we highly recommend mommies to use belly bands to provide you gentle compressions, help ease pregnancy pains, and make them feel more comfortable while engaging in today’s work.

What to wear during pregnancy? belly belt

However, take note that there are different types, brands, and features of belly bands. Check them on this blog so you can determine which one suits you. Belly bands are different from maternity belts so check the product first before purchasing them.

Shoes for swollen feet- the foot size tend to grow one size larger when you are pregnant. So when buying a new pair of shoes, consider fashion sneaker, sandals, and boots. You won’t need your high-heels for the next months. Just make sure to buy the one with a good traction and offers the utmost comfort that you need. Consult your doctor as well for other recommendations.

Stay Stylish without Sacrificing Comfort

Being pregnant could mean experiencing a whole new lot of things especially for first-time parents. However, you can still get to enjoy your usual self and stay stylish regardless of a growing tummy. Say yes to patterns and stripes.

Wear items in various colors. We believe that self-confidence and comfort will make you look glowing, slimmer and more beautiful. Sweatshirts and oversized pants are okay as long as you don’t wear them all the time. We want you to still feel attractive and appealing while waiting for your big day. After giving birth to a baby, make sure you undergo some treatments like anal bleaching and make kegel exercise a part of your routine to regain the confidence in your body.



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