Sick As A Dog: How To Care For Your Poorly Pet

Sick As A Dog: How To Care For Your Poorly Pet

Sick As A Dog: How To Care For Your Poorly Pet


Pets make a wonderful addition to any family, but it can be heartbreaking when they fall ill. In most cases, there will probably be nothing to worry about in the long-term. We all fall sick from time to time, and your dog is no different. Still, whatever the case, you need to do all you can to look after your canine companion. None of us like to be ill, and your faithful friend will need as much looking after as you would generally expect.

In this article, we will look at some of the ways you can best serve your dog’s needs while they are ill. Some of it will be common sense, but there is nothing wrong with a few healthy reminders.

Consult your vet

If your dog shows repeated signs of a health problem, you will need to get them to a vet. Persistent problems, such as constant vomiting or a change in behaviour may be symptomatic of something serious, so you mustn’t delay a check-up. Hopefully, your dog will be fine, but if there is something seriously wrong with your pet, the vet will give you advice on the way forward. Even if you are in doubt as to your dog’s health, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Monitor your dog’s condition

When you return home, you must abide by the advice your vet gave you. This includes administering the appropriate medication, be that antibiotics or natural remedies, such as the right turmeric dosage for dogs. As you would with your own health needs, continue to monitor your dog for any changes. If the condition deteriorates, consult your vet immediately. If they appear to be getting better, don’t alter any medication or care plan unless your vet tells you otherwise.

Don’t leave your dog alone

Being sick can be a frightening experience, and your dog will likely be confused and nervous about their condition. Being alone will make them feel worse, so give them as much company as you can. Having a reassuring presence nearby will automatically give your dog a feeling of peace, and regular tender loving care will raise their spirits. Of course, that isn’t the only reason why you shouldn’t leave your dog alone. If their condition gets worse, you do need to be vigilant. If you can’t be in the house 24/7, ask a trusted friend or neighbour to pop in, to both pamper your pooch with attention and to monitor his health condition. If you are concerned about your dog and the actions while home alone, get yourself a pet camera to monitor the situation.

Focus on comfort

Think about what you do when you fall ill. You probably get under a blanket with a good book and drink plenty of fluids throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated. Your dog is no different, and he needs plenty of home comforts as part of his recovery process. So, ensure he has plenty of bedding, and try to reduce the noise around the house so he gets plenty of time to rest. Keep the water bowl topped up, and provide food items that won’t interfere with his condition. With sufficient rest and care, your four-legged friend should be back on his feet in no time.


We hope your dog never falls ill, but this, of course, is unlikely. Still, if you follow the advice above, you will give your dog the help and care he needs.


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