5 Surprising Benefits of Turmeric for Your Dog’s Health

5 Surprising Benefits of Turmeric for Your Dog’s Health playing

Dogs staying healthy is incredibly important for any dog owner out there. By keeping your dog up to date with vet visits and making sure they get daily exercise, you can make sure that your pet stays as healthy as possible. But what if there was a natural way to make sure that your dog stayed as healthy as can be in one simple way?

The lifesaving spice that can help dogs is more than likely in your kitchen right now: turmeric. Turmeric has a ton of great benefits that make it so lifesaving for dogs. Turmeric can help fight diseases such as, but not limited to, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, and gastrointestinal issues.

So many studies have been done on the benefits of adding turmeric to your dog’s diet, and for a variety of reasons. But what, exactly, does turmeric do? Well, actually, a lot. Here are just the main hitting points.

It helps with your dog’s inflammation

The most important benefits of turmeric for dogs is alleviating inflammation throughout the body. Chronic inflammation can potentially lead diseases in dogs, including cancer, and is incredibly unhealthy. With turmeric, inflammation is naturally decreased throughout your dog’s body, resulting in your dog feeling better and becoming healthier, all from a natural spice.

It helps with your dog’s arthritis pain

One of the most common issues that dogs face, especially in older years, is arthritis. It affects so many dogs, and it pains dog owners as well to see their beloved pet feeling uncomfortable just from walking. Arthritis is from inflammation in the body – something that turmeric naturally decreases.

5 Surprising Benefits of Turmeric for Your Dog’s Health spices

It can help get your dog off of steroids

Many dogs are on steroids because of things like diabetes, arthritis and inflammation. Turmeric naturally decreases inflammation in a dog’s body, resulting in the need for steroids to be lessened in dogs. So, if you hate giving your dog all of those steroids, try this natural alternative that can better their lifestyles!

So, can all dogs have turmeric?

No, all dogs cannot have turmeric. Turmeric can warm up a dog’s body (it’s a warming spice!), so if your dog is naturally looking for a place to cool down (like laying on tiles or cold wood floors), or if your dog just naturally seems to run hot, do not give them turmeric.

Turmeric also doesn’t work with some medications. If your dog is already on diabetes or arthritis medications from your vet, do not add turmeric to their diet. If you have any questions, check out your local vet or holistic vet to learn more about the medications your dog is on, and whether or not you should even add turmeric to their lifestyle.

How to feed your dog turmeric

So, if turmeric is so good for dogs, how can they get this spice naturally? Well, there are a few different ways. You should never give your dog turmeric straight up, as it can be hard for dogs to naturally consume. If you add an oil, like healthy coconut oil, it makes it much easier for your dog to ingest.

Just remember that you cannot give turmeric to your dog by itself, or as it is. Find some coconut oil or another healthy oil, and then make a little recipe for your dog. You can add this mixture to your dog’s food – which they’ll gulp right up!

Turmeric can be such a great addition to any dog’s lifestyle – and the health benefits are extraordinary! Just make sure that you chat with your local holistic vet – especially if your dog is always naturally hot or on medications already – before you add this benefit to your dog’s meals.


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