A Look Back at the Biggest Fitness Trends of 2017

A Look Back at the Biggest Fitness Trends of 2017

2017 has been a year of transformation for the fitness industry, as more people realize the importance of health newer methods is being invented to promote weight loss. Things such as a three day cleanse or seven-day workout plans are gaining popularity because people are now looking for instant results. This year brought many trends of this sort and while many of these died some made their way up and became the most sought out methods for maintaining health. Here are some of these trends that reformed the way we looked at health.

Online Workout programs

With the evolution of technology now you can attend training sessions and get consultations by staying in the proximity of your home.  Different trainers and coaches have begun to hold online classes, so you can choose one that matches your time and needs.


Monitoring your physical activity is essential for staying fit, which becomes difficult for people with a busy lifestyle. The good news is now you have a variety of activity trackers and calorie counters that record your daily performance’s data and motivate you to do better. These products have become trendy in 2017 and brands like Apple, Fitbit and Samsung have introduced their fitness trackers and smartwatches.

A Look Back at the Biggest Fitness Trends of 2017 watch

Strength training

People have realized the positive effects of strength training, and thus it has become a favorite trend in 2017 for losing weight. Not only is weight training useful for increasing bone and muscle density but it is also beneficial for blood flow, cholesterol levels, prevent heart diseases and osteoporosis. These are reasons why people prefer it over cardio and other exercises. So put on your gloves, your gym clothes and hit the gym for a training session.


High-Intensity Interval Training has become an efficient method for melting the extra pounds. It involves short intervals of intense physical exertions followed by short periods for rest. Due to its effectiveness, it has become a sought-after trend of 2017 for burning fat. Make sure you prepare yourself for the session; taking natural pre-workout supplements can boost your energy level.

Yoga Trends

2017 has changed our perception of yoga and workout, in the past, all people focused on was sweating it out but this year was about integrating peace and relaxation with weight loss. The yoga styles that gained fame include restorative yoga, yoga Nidra, and Qigong. These are techniques that were used by the Chinese as a tool to reduce anxiety.

The Keto Diet

Before 2017, Paleo diet was the most famous diet plan that people followed for weight loss however 2017 brought a meal plan that focuses on Ketones; the Ketogenic diet. I never thought that increasing fat intake could promote weight loss, well I was proved wrong. The people adopting the Keto lifestyle have to increase their intake of fat so that instead of carbs the fats are burnt to be used as an energy source. While results have been positive, it is difficult to continue the diet for a long time.

2018 is expected to bring some more evolutions in the industry and bring in some new trends, let’s see if the upcoming trends prove to be fruitful or die out soon.

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