Questions to Help You Get the Best Shade Sail

Questions to Help You Get the Best Shade Sail

Using canopy to create shade is a stylish and excellent way of transforming your backyard into a hangout place for family, friends, or a children’s playground. So, if your yard does not have enough shade, getting a shade sail might be the best remedy. However, the different kinds of shade sails on the market can make it tricky to find the best one for your needs. But not to worry. There are a few factors to consider, and the following questions will help you get the best sail.

How big is your yard?

The first thing to bear in mind is the size of the yard on which you would like to create shade. There is no doubt you will find shade sails in several different sizes, and the right one will depend on the size of your yard. While at it, the shapes of the sails become of interest. The square and rectangular shapes are ideal for large yards, and other shapes like triangle are perfect for small yards.

What is your preferred amount of shade?

You may not need to cover the entire yard with a canopy, and so the question of the amount of shade you are looking to get out of your sail is relevant. Do you wish to cover just a small area of seating or a patio? You will need an answer to this question before you place an order for your shade sails Adelaide. It is worth noting that you could use a number of sails to create shade when covering a large area.

Do you wish to cover a pool?

Not all shade sails can be used to cover pools. The reason behind this has something to do with the material used in their construction. During the days, the sun heats the water and chlorine evaporates. This vapor affects some of the fabric used in the sails, thereby reducing the options you can choose from. Be sure to mention to your vendor that you are purchasing one to cover a pool. Tarp or plastic style shades are a no-no.

What color?

Many canopy users like to have colored shade sails, but others never mind. If you fall into the category of those who wish to have a colorful yard, then considering the color before you buy your sail is vital. It might be a good idea to match it with the furniture you are using outside or keeping it stylish with bright colors. Either way, you will have a somewhat limited choice if you are to factor in all the other important things.

How long are you planning to use it for?

The length of time you want to have the shade sail up will determine its fabric. Some fabrics can be used throughout the year due to their ability to withstand weather elements while others cannot. As such, you will have to take them down during the seasons when you don’t need them. The more durable fabric will therefore be the best choice if you stay in a sunny climate.


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