Teenage Travels – Where’s It Safe For Your Kids To Go?

Teenage Travels - Where's It Safe For Your Kids To Go


Teenagers are very independent people indeed. Or at least they like to think that they are. Once your kids grow up into teenagers, they will expect to be treated like adults and be given the exact same independence and free reign that all grown-ups get. And it’s true, when given independence in small doses, teenagers can really thrive and develop into respectable adults. But what about when they start asking to go on holidays with just their friends?

Going on a holiday with your friends is a rite of passage for many teenagers. However, lots of parents feel quite uneasy about letting their teenagers travel on their own these days because there are many risks and dangers out there these days. Have your kids been nagging you to let them go off and explore the big wide world? Here are some of the safest destinations to consider.

Reykjavik, Iceland

If your teens fancy checking out Europe, you should direct them to Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital city. That’s because it was recently voted one of the safest cities in the world. The crime rate is incredibly low in Iceland’s capital so there is very little risk of your kids getting into any trouble. But there is also loads to see here as well, so they are guaranteed to have a great time! The teens can head to the bluelagoon.com, for instance, and enjoy some quality chill-out time.

Cashiers, North Carolina

For a trip that’s a little closer to home, there’s no better place than Cashiers in North Carolina. There are some self-catered accommodation options on chinquapinnc.com so they can have a real taste of independence. It’s perfect for those teens who don’t really fancy a city break too. There are plenty of walking routes and other outdoor pursuits that they can busy themselves with far away from the glare of their tablet device!

Teenage Travels - Where's It Safe For Your Kids To Go


Melbourne, Sydney

If your teenagers are a little older, they are probably already starting to plan a gap year. You might be a bit nervous when they start to consider backpacking around Australia, but you really don’t have anything to worry about. It’s known for being a very safe country for young travelers. And that is especially the case with the city of Melbourne. While they are in Melbourne, they could hike the Yarra River and take a road trip along the famous Great Ocean Road.  

Copenhagen, Denmark

For another safe European option, how about Copenhagen in Denmark. There is a very high quality of life in the Danish capital, so the levels of antisocial behavior and dangerous crimes are at an absolute minimum. It’s the perfect destination if your teens love history, as there is plenty to discover. For example, they could explore the stately Rosenborg Castle or take a ride on a historic roller coaster in Tivoli Gardens.

The world isn’t such a dangerous place after all. All of the above destinations are extremely safe and will be very welcoming for your young teenage travelers!


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