Add The Fun Back Into Your Interiors

Add The Fun Back Into Your Interiors


Co-ordinated. Polished. Perfect. Sterile. It seems that interiors these days have lost some of their individuality. With the slow creep of Ikea dominating spaces from the grandest townhouse to the smallest apartment, sometimes it feels as if the fun has gone out the door. Decorating by numbers is everywhere, making every space similar, tasteful – and bland. Are you ready to inject a dose of fun back into your home? Here are just a few ways to shake off the identikit interiors and create a home that’s distinctly yours….

Combine Clashing Prints

Print clashing is all the range on the catwalks, and it can help add some individuality to your home as well. We’ve been conditioning away from bold prints in recent years in favour of greige walls and restful cream upholstering, but there’s a lot to be said for the invigorating effect of a good pattern. The trick when combing prints is to find a common element that brings them together – so the same print in different sizes, or different prints in the same colour. If you really want to get wild, combine a sailor stripe with a hint of leopard.

Add Some Games

Add fun back to your home by introducing some games. A giant Jenga set in a corner not only looks great but bring people together. And if you have the space how about an elegant billiards table? 11 Ravens have a beautiful selection.

Paint the Doors

Interior doors are white or wooden by default – but if you aren’t sure about bright colours, painting an interior door in a bold, glossy hue can have an impact without overwhelming the space. Try a midnight blue or a bright orange. To take it a step further, paint the edging of the doors in a contrasting colour, like a mint green or gold, for a small flash of colour every time it’s opened and closed.

Wallpaper the Ceiling

Another way to add an unexpected flash of fun is to add a bright patterned wallpaper to the ceiling of a room. From photo-realistic views of trees to geometric angles, all you have to do is look up to add a smile to your face. For something subtle but quirky, try a design from Cole and Sons or Cavern Interiors.

Hide the Television

With today’s increasingly large HD television screens, the viewing experience is great, but they do tend to dominate a room. Try an unusual way to hide them, such as getting a vintage pull-down world map to sit in front or a piece of artwork that slides or hooks out of the way when its screen time.

Find Unusual Lighting

Think outside the box when it comes to your lighting solutions as well. There’s a treasure trove of individual pieces out there, from industrial-style filament bulbs and lamps at Olive & The Fox to the Charles Bowler hat light at Not On The High Street. Lighting is so quick and easy to change and can have a massive impact on a room in an instant.  So have fun and let your personality come shining through!


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